The veranda is an outdoor environment, an extension of one’s home, typical of country houses . But how to use this outdoor space? The best way is to set up an outdoor area in comfort and relaxation. In fact, if you live in a villa, a detached house or even a small ground floor apartment, why not design a veranda?

Create your own environment and personalize it: a space where you can enjoy the sun and the beautiful days, a peaceful corner where you can read a good book and spend time with your guests. To be cozy and comfortable, decorate it tastefully, make room for flowers and plants so that it is a bright environment!


Usually the open porch consists of an area covered by a canopy at the front door. Furnishing an open veranda in an unkempt manner, with furniture that doesn’t fit well into the context, would make the first impact with your home less pleasant. And we all know how important the first impact is for a visitor! Ideally, the colours of the facade should be reflected in the details of the furniture, in small touches. For example, if the doorway is green, you could choose cushions in the same color for the armchairs.

An open veranda is a room in the house that is exposed to the elements, so watch out for the materials: they must be suitable for outdoor spaces, so you won’t risk them getting damaged after a few months.

Another great classic for decorating an open porch is the use of greenery, so fill it with plants! Be careful, however, that the plants grow outside, so that they really give the feeling of living in the countryside.



Do you own an enclosed veranda and need to furnish it in the best possible way? Then it gets a lot more complicated! We are no longer talking about a room that precedes the entrance, but an extra room in all respects: a real extension of the house.

In this case, the furniture should be more in harmony with that of the interior. Be careful about using too much contrast, you risk your environment becoming unbalanced. If the room is well insulated and does not risk infiltration of rain or wind, the furniture for closed verandas is not so different from that of any other room in the house!

If your enclosed veranda is small, we recommend that you favour light colours and plain shades: these small measures, as well as providing light, will optically multiply the size of the room. What do you need to set up your enclosed porch?


If your veranda coincides with the entrance to your home, it is even more important that it conveys a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Opt for a colorful style: even if you prefer white, choose carefully the details. Choose shades of red and yellow for the seats and cushions. They make the environment more familiar and transmit warmth.

The veranda, unlike the terrace, is a covered area, and you can use it even on rainy and windy days. To enhance, however, the fact that it still remains an external environment of the home, furnish it with wooden objects that recall nature, even in the colors.


If your space is not very large and you don’t want to have lunches or dinners outside, you can serve dessert here. You and your guests can relax on the veranda.

It creates a peaceful corner. Furnish the veranda with sofas, always outdoor, and a large umbrella to shelter from the sun and the heat. If you choose light shades, the room will appear even brighter: if you choose bulky furniture, go for white. You can indulge in the details and opt for colorful pillows.


If you love to take advantage of the veranda in the first sun, you can think about closing the room off to the side. In order not to lose light and enjoy the outside environment, especially if your veranda overlooks a large garden, choose to make glass walls. This solution helps to create a very suggestive atmosphere even in the evening, when the lights of the outside will be reflected inside.

To protect yourself from the sun and have a cool environment, you can choose the most classic solution: putting curtains. Soft, light, linen or cotton.
An aesthetically interesting idea if your room is bordered on the side by a small wall, above which you have an opening to the outside.

Instead of the classic closed veranda with a masonry ceiling, you can prefer different solutions. You can opt for a wooden cover. It transmits more warmth and gives the feeling of being in the country or in the mountains. Furnish it with wicker sofas and armchairs, ideal for the outdoors, and opt for low tables to create an interesting outdoor area.

If you can’t afford to have spotlights in the ceiling, you can light it with wall lights or floor lamps.


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