Each room in your home should express its own personality. Even those typically voted to be functional rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. And a particularly sought-after effect in decoration is that of the vintage kitchen, a style that restores a warm and welcoming atmosphere, reassuring with its retro references.


However, an original alternative to the great classics of white kitchens or wooden kitchens. Certainly the easiest solution to have a vintage kitchen is to start from a room with a historic flavour finish. Examples with ceiling cornices or, more commonly, a traditional tile floor are typical. But obviously the effect can be obtained from scratch or even with a light restyling. In fact, if the elements to give a more decisive turn are finishes, floors and walls, there are also less radical interventions to achieve the vintage effect. In fact, it can also be achieved with colors on the walls or with small furnishings such as lamps.

When buying a kitchen, the choice could be towards a cream-colored wood or other neutral tones. But, for a less trivial choice, better to choose a pastel palette with references to the ’50s with combinations of pink and bottle green. A palette that can also be used to give color to the kitchen walls. Alternatively and additionally you can aim for right with the chairs, looking for a great classic of 20th century design. Even a faucet can make a fundamental contribution to creating a useful atmosphere, especially to counterbalance the contemporary style of an induction hob.

But the element to give the final touch is in the details, in the accessories, the exposed crockery that you will place on the shelves or to decorate the walls. Even a plant can add an old-time charm to the kitchen with a ceramic vase. And in this multi-voice symphony, not even the textile elements such as tea towels and sleepers should be overlooked. The special effects are entrusted to appliances with a streamline aesthetic, as well as decorations borrowed from other rooms in the house such as wallpaper.


Classic kitchens with a truly refined and always elegant vintage style, the Ar-Tre proposal perfectly combines tradition and innovation using wood and precious materials to create unique structures.

As you can see from the selection of models that we have chosen to show you, the company offers its customers a wide range of customizations in terms of colors for those who want to create an environment inspired for example by the ’60s and then by cheerful and imaginative traits.



In its vast proposal of furniture, Ikea could not fail to propose a line of vintage kitchens fully customizable able to adapt to any need, both purely aesthetic and practical.

The lines of these kitchens are very reminiscent of the warm atmospheres of the past and are completed by the proposal of decidedly retro elements and complements: you can, for example, note the attention instilled in the design of handles, wall units, sinks and taps which, combined together, offer a real dive into the past.


Let’s focus now on the equally wide range of vintage kitchens by Lube , perfect for those who are looking for aesthetic details and structural quality. Full of charm and perfect to give yourself a dip in the past, these kitchens are equipped with glass cabinets and elements in relief, you can also choose to insert the burners and the oven in free standing version in order to obtain a perfect retro style.



Speaking of vintage kitchens, we couldn’t forget to introduce you to the vast proposal signed by Maison Du Monde. This kitchen, as you can see, is somewhat halfway between industrial and markedly vintage styles. Wood becomes the protagonist in a version that we could define as lived-in, and the furnishings are completed to perfection through the introduction of various objects and accessories that are inspired by those used by our grandmothers.


Vintage 60’s furniture is characterized by a particular eclecticism and liveliness that is inevitably transferred to the kitchen. Modern technologies, functional research and aesthetics are the characteristics of the retro kitchens of the ’60s.


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