Vintage style is back in vogue! Are you tired of the flat modernity of your apartment? To be surrounded by an expanse of geometric, essential, polished furniture? That the predominant color is white? Here’s the style to suit your needs!

If you can’t wait to take a dip into the past to relive unique emotions and sensations, then you’ll love this style more than anything else!

With its slim flared legs and resolutely retro look, the vintage style brings colour back to the 20th century. From the 1920s to the 1970s, it offers a wide range of atmospheres to recreate. And as if that wasn’t enough, it goes great with most other styles. Now we’ll let you look through the retro selection!

Although vintage style can take on various aspects, the same elements are often found. The furniture flaunts slim flared legs and essential lines that offer a distinctive look. While for the materials, you will appreciate the marble, copper and leather that give a very elegant note to the whole.

For the finishing touch, use a few decorative items that look like they came from the past. In this regard, it may be good for you to visit your grandmother or make a nice trip to some flea market!


The term vintage comes from the French word vendenge and refers to wines produced in the best vintages. Over time it became a synonym for the expression “vintage”, adapting to other contexts such as fashion and cars, as well as furniture.

To furnish in vintage style, you need to draw on the past, taking inspiration from the different decades of the last century. Depending on the era from which you want to be inspired, in fact, you will mix different colors, materials and prints, typical of each decade.

From the Forties and Fifties, the years of rebirth, it is impossible to miss modern antiques, with the total absence of frills given by the birth of mass production of furniture, which today goes perfectly with the modern style.

The Sixties, on the other hand, gave light to pop art and optical style, so bright colors, rounded shapes that invade fabrics, curtains and carpets; these are the years that begin to mix materials such as plastic and wood, all details that a vintage style home cannot give up.

The prints of the seventies with their warm and lively colours give us unmissable wallpapers, which are placed side by side with plastic, which is now replacing wood almost completely in the furniture, giving life to a furnishing characterized by an air of freedom and social evolution.


Unlike other styles that impose strict rules to be categorized, furnishing home in vintage style is a much more personal choice. It lies above all in knowing how to combine and blend to perfection contemporary furnishings with elements that recall the past.

In general we can say that this style is characterized by various furnishing accessories, such as: sofas and armchairs, sideboards and consoles, chandeliers, fabrics and finally the objects. Everything should be chosen and combined with taste, even drawing from different eras, but without ending up turning your home into an antique market.


In addition, in general, it is always advisable to turn to experts and specialized dealers, even if you could start training the eye and experience it yourself.


Unlike other stylistic choices that impose very precise stakes to be catalogued, furnishing a house in vintage style does not require you to make a choice of colours or materials.

They will change depending on the era from which you want to draw inspiration.

This freedom adds a lot of difficulty to interior design. In fact, with such vast possibilities it is easy to choose materials that do not fit together, colors and textures typical of different and antithetical periods, elements that taken individually have great charm but put together result in a rather tacky jumble.

Balance and elegance can only be achieved with a careful study of the rooms and their composition.


If it is true that there is no single way to understand the vintage style, it is true, however, that there are some furniture and accessories needed to give that touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. In the world of gifts we can really indulge, always following our tastes.

In fact, as mentioned above, it might be a good idea to go around the flea markets and pick up any items that inspire you. The important thing is to try to choose combinations of furniture elements that are not too much in contrast with each other and that allow to give the environment a certain balance. This includes, for example, all those accessories from the kitchen world, even the hi-tech coloured ones that go perfectly with minimalist environments.

For music lovers, on the other hand, old 70s radios are a must, as well as record players and vinyls, to be displayed on a nice vinyl cabinet in the living room, or on a sideboard with special compartments.

Sideboards and consoles are among the must-have pieces of furniture and there are so many variations of them, preferably those that mix materials, as well as small and round tables.

Retro-style mirrors are just as important. A minimalist circle with a gold or colored plastic frame is preferred, depending on the surroundings. These mirrors are truly a must-have and there should be at least one per room. In addition, they are able to give the house more space and depth: an element always well appreciated by those who furnish.

Armchairs and sofas are also among the furniture to be chosen with care because they can characterize the room. Velvet and floral or geometric prints are preferred, while the shape must remain strictly minimal.


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