It’s certainly not pleasant to have a room without windows. Light is fundamental to our lives. Let’s find out together how to overcome this problem!

Having a home that is well-lit by natural light is essential not only to enjoy the sun’s rays penetrating inside, but also to reduce electricity costs.

However, it can happen to have some rooms, inside an apartment or a villa, without windows. This is especially the case for rooms that are made out of lack of space, or for bathrooms and hallways.


In case you are going crazy about the choice of the most suitable colors for a room without a window, the watchword can only be: light tones! If the room in question is going to be the bedroom, it is advisable to focus on white, or at least on bright shades.

Dark or dull tones are strictly prohibited. With the color white, in addition to giving brightness is going to break down the effect closed, claustrophobic that a room without windows can transmit. The choice of such shades should also fall on the furnishings. Choosing light-colored furniture elements gives added value to the whole room.



In order to achieve the best possible effect, the choice of lighting should fall on recessed spotlights. This type of lighting incorporated in the ceiling will give a sense of brightness closer to the natural one, thus avoiding unpleasant annoyances. Also the more spotlights inside the room the more the pleasant effect will be amplified.


The choice of flooring also particularly affects rooms without windows. In these cases, it is better to avoid tiles that are too elaborate or too brightly coloured. The most recommended options in the case of a windowless room are:

  • Light-coloured parquet or laminate, even with some grain to bring out the light from the spotlights;
  • White monotone tiles or tiles in light and bright colours.


Accessories such as pictures, mirrors or photographs also have their function in the case of a room without a window. Usually these elements tend to shrink and darken spaces. However, in order not to detach this area too much from the rest of the house you can use accessories that accentuate the brightness, such as mirrors or certain paintings, always in light and bright tones.



Certainly too much fullness of decorative and visual elements does not help the eye to grasp light, on the contrary, it tends to dampen the brightness that a good lighting system can provide to the room without windows. However, in order not to treat the space in question as separate from the house in which it is inserted, if for example it is a living room, it will still be nice to complete it with small paintings and photographic posters, strictly clear.

Without making massive and disproportionate use of them, a few frames here and there, even better if with glossy or glassy patinas that refract the light, will not harm the health of the room, which will be personalized just like any other in your home.


The plants, if positioned in the right corners and if not too invasive, can help to decorate with naturalness a room without openings. Certainly, having established the need for exposure to light for some types of plants, it will be appropriate to examine every possibility, including that of fake plants, carefully looking for those qualitatively more similar to the room and resembling the originals. A small bio detail however will not only be an extra touch, but will make the room itself more natural and livable.


Even if you don’t need to get carried away with decorative elements when you need to embellish a room without windows, it doesn’t change the fact that for those who are passionate about the genre and those who want to add a characteristic touch to their environment, some accessories are more recommended than others.

The mirrors in primis: from the classic hanging on the wall, up to the lamp with shiny metal lampshade or shining effect, will do the trick because of the refraction of the lights installed. To help undoubtedly the hanging shelves with creative shapes, and always in light color.

By not touching the floor, they stand as a distinctive element of the room, but without literally narrowing the scope. Small objects that are just as metallic, light and bright, such as vases and jars, room fragrances and accessories, will be able to make the room special without being excessive, on the contrary, increasing the extension effect.


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