Furnishing with wood is one of the most popular trends in recent years, thanks to the rediscovery of recyclable materials and the desire for greater eco-sustainability.

In fact, wood is a perfect material for furnishing and to give a touch of warmth even in the most modern and essential houses. But how can you furnish your home with wood in an original and elegant way, without giving the idea of a “mountain house“?

First of all, before starting the renovation of your home, you must decide which style to give to the rooms using wood. In fact, you can think of a rustic, shabby chic, vintage, ethnic or modern genre and design with recycled materials.

Depending on the footprint of your home, you can decide to intervene with wall coverings, matchboards, shelves and furniture or by adding specific furnishing accessories and objects.

Finally, wood, with its timeless charm, will be able to easily fit into any context, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Combined with other materials it will acquire greater character and personality, such as steel or glass for more modern contexts.

In fact, there are many solutions to furnish your home with wood. They range from coatings to furniture, from furnishing accessories to objects, this material will transform itself into what you want. Here are some tips for those who love eco-sustainable style.


It starts from the rustic, the style that par excellence has exploited the beauty of wood showing it in its natural complexity. In fact, veins, knots, streaks chase each other on the surfaces creating an always unique and inimitable design.

The wooden beams will characterize the ceilings of the house in a rustic style while the floors and walls will have stone details.



The Nordic-inspired contexts prefer light wood that makes its appearance among furniture and furnishings with simple and essential shapes.

Even modern design has re-evaluated the use of this material in interior decoration, boldly combining it with the most innovative materials, such as glass or steel. To furnish the house with wood in a modern style, it plays on the material and chromatic contrasts, the effect is guaranteed.

A few examples? In the dining room there will be a wooden table next to transparent chairs, the stairs will have steel structures with steps made of this material.


The oriental-inspired style, which follows the rules of Feng Shui, considers wood one of the most suitable materials in interior decoration.

The oriental-inspired wooden furniture and accessories are simple and linear, have geometric shapes, always harmonious and pleasant.


Those who love creative recycling will be able to furnish their home with wood, recovering the material from old pallets and wooden boxes, furnishing at no cost.

Some ideas? The boxes can become original shelves for the living room or be transformed into bedside tables for the bedroom.


Wood is one of the most used materials for the creation of home furnishings, it is able, in fact, to integrate perfectly with any style of furniture. In addition, it manages to provide convenient solutions especially for classic or rustic design lines.

The great flexibility of wood is manifested in the moment of its processing, where it lends itself to be modeled according to specific individual needs.

In fact, for this reason, it is particularly suitable for those who want to create furnishings with a high degree of customization.

In fact, you can find wooden furnishings for every room in our homes, from the bathroom to the bedroom. Here, for example, is a short list of the main uses of wood for home furnishings:

  • shelves, finishes and entire structures for kitchens;
  • living room furniture, both modern and classic;
  • personalized wooden desks;
  • beds and mattress bases;
  • furnishing accessories such as bedside tables, chairs and tables;
  • single structures such as bookcases, shelves and doors (for both internal and external).


Wood offers numerous advantages over other materials used in the field of furniture, even if each type has distinct characteristics. Among the main essences offered by the market there are:

  • cherry, very malleable but not very resistant (it is excellent for finishes);
  • fir, elastic wood, resistant and solid but less valuable than others;
  • beech, heavy wood but not very elastic and for this reason it is used in flooring;
  • ebony, mainly used for inlays, turnings and carvings, but also for making luxury furniture;
  • oak, mainly intended for fine furniture;
  • oak, heavy and robust and therefore used a lot to build furniture;
  • poplar, fragile wood and therefore used for the construction of furniture interiors;
  • walnut, hard and elastic wood widely used for the creation of furnishing accessories;
  • mahogany, one of the most used woods in the construction of furniture due to its hardness;
  • larch, used in the creation of both internal and external furniture and fixtures;
  • ash, mainly used for frames;
  • cypress, widely used for the construction of indoor furniture and fixtures (both internal and external).

Each of these essences therefore has unique characteristics. In fact, at the final choice it must always take into account the domestic environment and requires a careful evaluation of the overall design of the reference apartment.

For this reason, we recommend requesting advice from experienced professionals.



Wood is a material that undoubtedly offers multiple advantages, even if these can vary according to its type and processing. But in general we can say that a good quality wood offers several benefits.

The first advantage that derives from this material is certainly resistance. In fact it has been ascertained that a piece of furniture made with quality wood is three times more resistant to impacts, stresses and bending.

It is also long-lasting unlike the other materials on the market. In addition, it is very difficult for it to deform with time. In fact, a good piece of furniture, for example, can last for many years and can be perfectly preserved over time.

Another benefit that can be drawn from this compound is that it is warm and welcoming from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, the right solution to heat every room with style and elegance is represented by wood.

In fact, this feature allows you to experience the home as a sort of refuge, a place where you can relax at 360 degrees.

At one time it was mistakenly thought that only by using wooden floors could such a result be achieved. But in reality it is not quite so. Wood is a natural material capable of conveying a sense of belonging and at the same time harmony.

Therefore, wooden floors are not the only solution to consider to make your home harmonious. In fact, there are many other ideas you can put into practice.

But in addition to the advantages, there are nevertheless some disadvantagesthat we cannot fail to mention.



Wood is a ductile and delicate compound in some ways. Seen and considered that it is a living material, it needs constant maintenance since cracks can arise or it can crack.

In addition, another small tip is the following: it is true that it is a somewhat resistant material, but it is subject to a certain sensitivity.

What does this mean? That even if the wooden furniture is struggling to break, it is not free from scratches and abrasions, so you must pay close attention.

Although to tell the truth, there is good news in this regard. In fact, there are customized insulators that can be used to protect the surface according to the type of wood used.

As for the price, it is not to be underestimated, because the wood requires a great deal of work and is therefore quite expensive.

However, for those who want a warm and welcoming home, they simply cannot do without this unique material. It represents a direct link with the most intimate side of nature, bringing an experience of comfort, well-being, tradition and solidity into one’s home.

So, hard not to fall in love with it, and lovers of this material know it very well, and then a few words to the good connoisseur!


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