The roof is the final touch that can define the style of your home. Why not use wood to build it? This material combines utility and economy with elegant aesthetics. Read on to find information about wood roofing!


Let’s start by talking about cost. Roofing can be a very expensive construction job, but of course the final price depends on the materials that are used. In the table below you will find some examples that distinguish ventilated and non-ventilated wooden roofs.

  • Ventilated roof: 130-180 euros per square meter;
  • Non-ventilated roof: 90-110 euros per square meter;
  • Basic structure: 110-150 euros per square meter


You can choose from a variety of materials to build or re-roof your home. However, there are 3 main reasons to choose wood:

  • short lead times;
  • earthquake-proof;
  • insulating.

As far as construction time is concerned, a wooden roof can be built in about 30 days, while a concrete one requires at least 60. This saves not only time but also money, as the site will be active for less time.
Wood is an excellent material, elastic and light, which falls within the anti-seismic regulations. These qualities are very important in an earthquake-prone country like ours. In addition to being earthquake-proof, wood is also an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator.



Aside from all the important properties it possesses, wood also has a pleasing aesthetic appeal. A wooden roof with exposed beams, in fact, gives the house an elegant and minimal style. The environment is in fact more welcoming and warm. In addition, because of the different types and colors, wood can easily adapt to any interior style and also your preferences. For example, if you think the natural color of the wood is not for you, you can always choose a lighter shade like white or a dark color.


But what are the benefits you can get? Below we list the properties of this material.

  • Ductile: wood can be worked in different ways and thanks to the experience of skilled craftsmen it can take the most diverse forms. The use in a wooden roof allows for greater simplicity in the construction and also to acquire original and unique shapes. The construction time is very short, requiring work that is halved compared to creating a roof of another material.
  • Insulation: one of its intrinsic properties is that it is very resistant to atmospheric agents; wood therefore makes it possible to create roofs that keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. This implies a limited use of both air conditioners and heaters.
  • Durable: it is a very compact and durable material , it can protect your home from moisture and seepage.
  • Ecological: it is the only material that is completely ecological, since it comes directly from nature and can be transformed again through the recycling process, in new forms of structures; furthermore, with the passage of time it does not release harmful substances into the environment.
  • Lightweight: it can be easily transported, even in the case of large and thick beams. This also implies an advantage from an economic point of view, as it provides for a lower load on the house with the need to build lighter walls and a very substantial cost saving.
  • Anti-seismic and safe: if you have a wooden roof over your head, you will not only have the security of its resistance, but also of the fact that it is earthquake-proof, since it has a capacity to absorb the stresses caused by earthquakes.
  • Economical: using this materialsaves youmoney on the final cost of the roof.


Often when you imagine building a wooden roof, you also assume that constant maintenance will be required in the future to keep it in perfect condition.

Wood is a very durable material and, if the roof has been built properly and by experts, it will also provide for reduced interventions – of course depending on the type of roof and the material used.

The main factors of degradation are: atmospheric agents such as temperature changes, biological factors such as insects and parasites and pollution. You’ll almost always have to request work on exterior surfaces once every ten years, while interior structures only need twenty years of maintenance.


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