You have just bought your new home and you need to furnish it but between styles, colors, you just don’t know which kitchen to choose? Is functionality and comfort better or rather the aesthetic aspect? In the following guide I want to advise you which kitchen worktop you can choose taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the various materials.

Given that the cost of a kitchen is proportional to the appliances you want to choose, even the materials and worktops can affect the cost.



Melamine is an economical, resistant and suitable material for the construction of modern style kitchens.

Much appreciated as a material, it is used above all for worktops, thanks to its anti-scratch properties and easy to clean surface. The plastic material with which the melamine is made is malleable and waterproof, reducing the risk of water infiltration in the edges in contact with the walls.


Quartz is another product to consider if your budget is a little more consistent.

The characteristics of the worktop summarizes aesthetics and quality:

  • Resistance to scratches, dents and bumps. A quartz top is certainly more reliable than laminate or granite
  • The quartz top is antistatic, which means it does not attract dust
  • It requires low maintenance, to clean it just a soft cloth, water and soap
  • Stain resistant with an eye to greasy or oily substances that can leave marks on the surface of the top

Thanks to a wide range of decorative options, the quartz worktop lends itself to kitchens of all types, always with a high visual impact.




Among the most innovative materials I point out the Fenix. Modernity is also breathed in the materials.

If you want a technological material for your kitchen, this top is for you. The main feature is that small scratches are heat-repairable, ie by passing an iron over the imperfection of the top, this will repair itself and be as good as new. The wide choice of colors and shades makes it particularly suitable for renovating your old kitchen with a completely new top or.

I see it very suitable for modern styles, perhaps creating a chromatic contrast with the wall units and appliances, making the environment functional and welcoming at the same time.


Going up in price you can reach targets of excellent quality with Corian produced that combines a natural mineral with an acrylic polymer. Corian products allow the maximum of imagination allowing the tailor-made realization of your ideal kitchen for you. The specific features of the product make it ideal for creating kitchen worktops as it is hygienic and easy to clean.

It is possible to combine other components such as sinks, isles or peninsulas to the top, creating a functional furniture with a unique design.

Corian is offered in hundreds of colors and finishes: from the most uniform effects, to the more wavy ones, up to the marble effects!


As a last resort I propose the Dekton, ideal for large kitchens. It allows the creation of large, unique pieces without cuts or joints for a beautiful and long-lasting product.

Dekton is a clean surface, pleasant to the touch, resistant to everything that normally happens in the kitchen over years of use. It is the most innovative product on the market at the moment!

There are different colors and different effects, which are also reminiscent of stone.


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