In these pandemic times we spend more and more time sitting at our desks. It has now become the place we frequent most during the day. Comfort, in this case, becomes essential. But how do you maximize concentration while avoiding distractions as much as possible? This is where Feng Shui, an ancient Japanese philosophy that focuses on the power of the external environment to influence the psyche of human beings, comes to the rescue.


Firstly, the desk should be positioned with a wall behind it, at the strongest point in the room, so as to receive protection, with the chair facing the entrance and the window, to make it easier to control the room.

According to Feng Shui, the desk is divided into nine areas, with specific functions.

  • In the middle band, there are three areas, opposite the chair. The first corresponds to command and governs the career; the second governs balance and harmony; the third concerns esteem and fame. The area dedicated to balance and harmony should be free and disengaged.
  • On the left are located the areas of study, knowledge and contemplation, family and relationship with superiors, wealth (inner and outer) and satisfaction.
  • On the right, the zone of support, advice and travel, represented by the figure of friends, the zone of creativity of personal fulfilment and, finally, the zone of social relations, particularly with business partners.


Feng Shui, being an oriental art based on the circulation of energies and harmony, also has a substantial impact on the way offices and therefore desks are furnished.

Working in an office implies spending many hours of the day in the same place and, for this reason, it is very important to choose a layout and a direction that meets the vitality sprung from the energy.

The space in front of the workstation is an active area that needs to be free to encourage the flow of creative energy and deep inspiration.

Furnishing the office according to Feng Shui has a significant impact on teamwork and therefore directly on the productivity of the company, but it is also a rather complex operation to realize taking into account several aspects such as natural elements (water, plants), the shape, a good ventilation of the environment, but also other details such as the color of the furniture.


The colors that surround us stimulate specific abilities. Orange helps in communication with others; silver increases personal esteem; blue prevents nervous exhaustion; white sedates; blue calms the mind; yellow stimulates it; indigo recalls intuition; brown protects against insecurity; black avoids emotional hypertension; gold is useful for reaching objectives; pink eases mental tension; red diminishes physical tiredness; green relaxes the nervous system; violet recalls the unconscious and spirituality.


After setting up your desk, you need to organize everything you need to work on. Before you start with organizing your desk, remember that your workspace should have a few functional and meaningful items. In addition, this philosophy suggests adding a red object; it may be a calm animal, such as a turtle, which is associated with longevity and health.

To determine how to work and how to store documents, Feng Shui helps you organize your desk from left to right by following the cardinal points from west to east via north.


You should place your computer towards the west because this is the cardinal point that corresponds to creativity, study and inner growth. By following this principle, you only have positive influences that help you get through stressful times at work and stay sharp even when you’re tired.


Next to the computer to the northwest, you should place all important financial documents. In fact, the top left position corresponds to financial well-being. A good idea might be to place a green plant that represents nature and all that is good about it.


Feng Shui assigns the north cardinal point to the quality of work. The lamp should be placed in the north to ensure proper lighting, which is essential for working to the best of your ability and completing all important projects.


Northeast. At the top right, you can add something personal about your family, such as a photograph. This is the perfect area of your desk to receive support from your loved ones and attract positive energy when you are under pressure.


Finally, on the right-hand side to the east, you should place everything related to communication such as tablets, smartphones and landline phones. This area according to Feng Shui corresponds to communication so put in this point of the desk everything that allows you to communicate with other people.


These tips should be enough to get a Feng Shui proof desk! What do you think of these tips, have you already followed someone without knowing it? Do you think they work?

Leave a comment at the end of the article with your considerations or your doubts about it!

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