Do you want color? Do you want to renovate your home with creativity and originality? Have you ever thought about decorating your home, or just a bohemian styleroom?

If you love strong colors and want to go overboard with decorations and dare to create eccentric combinations, the bohemian style is the style for you!

The bohemian style is a style that requires no order and not even perfection. Dunque, a questo proposito, cominciate dagli armadi, apriteli, e tirate fuori tutto ciò che vi rappresenta!

Take all your memories out of the drawers, the objects that you love with all your heart and that you never had the courage to exhibit for some strange reason.

Decorate your spaces without any limit, not only with colors, but also with beautiful houseplants!

The bohemian style also provides for the insertion of plants combined with colorful vases.

To furnish a bohemian-style home, you do not need to follow any specific pattern, it is a style that changes and diversifies from person to person.

The bohemian style totally excludes what is commercial and fashionable. In fact, it is created only and exclusively by what we have inside, by our character, since we are going through and by our uniqueness.


It is a style without rules, nothing more beautiful and inspiring, don’t you think? Bohémien, in fact, means gypsy, but in the sense of freedom to express one’s being, one’s personal and unique style.

To furnish in perfect bohemian style you have to think outside the box and furnish your rooms with everything that makes you free and happy!

Be creative, don’t get stuck! Your home needs to talk about you, salvage anything that brings you joy and you choose which corner of the house to put it in!

A dress doesn’t have to be in the closet, it could also add color to the living room wall.

Just as that chair you like so much doesn’t have to be in the kitchen, it can become an original bedside table!

In fact, even the hand-made grandmother’s shawl can be used as a piece of furniture for your very own bohemian-style home.

Finally, choose mostly wooden furniture, preferably lived-in wood; liven up your old sofas with extravagant fabrics and, finally, use scented candles and make the atmosphere warm and cozy.

Bohemian style colorful and creative decor


As for the bohemian style, although there are no real rules regarding the decor, it is necessary that the warm colors of the earth emerge, combined with the colors of metals and jewelry.

Specifically, the colors that characterize this style of furniture are dark brown, green, gray, to which associate purple, orange, electric blue, using white in a strategic way, as a background for example, and give brightness and depth to the environments.

Bring your creativity into play and try mixing multiple shades of different colors together. The results are sure to be amazing!


Bohemian style is the opposite of minimal style. If in the latter the main motto is “less is more”, accompanied by a maximum reduction of furnishing elements, in this style the opposite happens.

In fact, in this style, abundance is not despised but encouraged! You could almost say that decorations often play an even more important role than the furnishings themselves. That’s why, in the bohemian style, it’s crucial to be good at mixing all the available elements in the best possible way.

From canvas to silk, from sisal to chenille, from wood to metal, everything can find its place in a bohemian room, as long as they are objects that look worn, dull, almost damaged, so as to appear real and not artificial.



Creating a dark corner of the house, with dark and dark atmospheres, serves to recall the Parisian cafés and bistros of the nineteenth century where the artists gathered.

The use of dark purple and black are colors that in the bohemian style are easy to use as a color for the walls, while for the coverings the use of velvet allows for soft and comfortable seats.

Finally, an eccentric way is to adopt fancy wallpapers to cover the walls as well as walls with paintings and graffiti are an expressive form in line with the bohemian style.

colorful and creative bohemian style living room furniture


A true Bohemian style home should not have any new furniture or furnishings inside.

In fact, a characteristic element of the bohemian style is authenticity. In this regard it becomes crucial to use vintage items, second-hand and recovered in flea markets. It might be time to pop over to Grandma’s house to retrieve some useful material! Each piece of furniture should, therefore, tell a story, and be unique.

In any case, you must always remember that in this style of furniture the watchword is lightness, this means that you should strive to make the house cozy and relaxing, suitable for evenings with friends and family to talk and reminisce about old times.

bohemian style bathroom furniture colorful and creative


The bohemian loves darkness and dark, smoky atmospheres. The walls prefer dark colors, while the fabrics for the furnishings present should be soft and cozy, just like velvet.


A recent reinterpretation has led to updating and modernizing the bohemian trend, offering accentuated contrasts, mixing hippie, ethnic and casual style in an elegant way, known with the term boho chic.

The link with the world of fashion increases, making the color the protagonist as well as combining rare and precious elements.

Finally, combining new and vintage becomes essential, to have an elegant and charming apartment and not a quick way to furnish and customize.

In fact, for the boho chic style, each piece of furniture is important for its history and the link with its owner, thus telling a part of life.

Finally, the importance of plants to freshen the air and environments increases, as well as embellishing the different corners of the house in a very pleasant way.


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