Ethnic style is a set of motifs and trends that evoke secrets of distant lands, images and stories of Eastern and African peoples.

Ethnos is an ancient Greek word meaning “people“. The ethnic style therefore tries to use objects and accessories that also reflect the traditional culture of distant populations.

In fact, the ethnic style tries to combine different accessories in the home furnishings that refer to distant countries. Indeed, what better way is there to do it than by collecting souvenirs purchased during a trip to some exotic land?

In this, besides having a souvenir as a souvenir of these distant lands you will also have a unique and authentic decorative accessory.

The ethnic style then, does not follow a precise pattern, but leaves much room for creativity and inspiration, giving the possibility to create a unique and inimitable decor in every home.

In fact, this is the style that more than any other leaves room for our personality and our tastes allowing us to integrate whatever element we want and that has a special meaning for us.

Born to satisfy a clientele of connoisseurs and travelers, travelers, nowadays fascinates more and more consumers. This is also thanks to the ideas and fusions of design styles that have allowed it to adapt to any type of environment.

The ethnic style therefore leaves a lot of room for creativity and inspiration, giving you the opportunity to create a unique and inimitable decor in everything. There are many furnishing elements for those who want to give their home an ethnic style: from furniture to carpets, from beds to sofas, from accessories to various objects.


In full ethnic style furniture the main component that characterizes the furnishings is the wood, often in combination with colors derived from the colors of nature.

In fact, the decorations, carried out in light colors refer to floral or abstract patterns. In addition, in some cases a golden oriental paint is used.

Today, in addition to the inclusion of decorative elements in the home, the ethnic style is characterized by the mix of influences and contaminations capable of creating in any environment a colorful warm and elegant atmosphere with an exotic flavor.

Ethnic furnishing is not easy to reproduce totally inside the whole house and very often it is expressed in single rooms or in small corners of the house, creating a real “melting pot” of different cultural influences. One of the main characteristics of the ethnic style is in fact the variety of atmospheres recreated in the home, which change according to the lands from which they take inspiration.



The real protagonists of the ethnic style are the materials and colors. Banished the white, welcome warm colors and dark colors such as yellow, orange, red, brown, green and black. These colours, in fact, blend together to give life to that warm and sunny atmosphere of distant lands.

Among the most suitable materials for an ethnic furniture both for floors and for accessories we find teak wood. Among the merits of this wood is its hardness and its incredible color characterized by shades ranging from black to brownish green.

In addition to wood, other materials recommended for ethnic style furniture are bamboo canes, terracotta, leather, rattan and natural fibers.


The rooms of an ethnic house are filled with magically indispensable accessories, such as vases, ornaments, paintings and candles.

In fact, it is the small details and the furnishing accessories that make the difference and to give your ethnic home a special allure that smells of incense and jasmine.

Finally, there will never be missing many colorful and textile cushions with geometric or tribal motifs, to be placed both on a cream-colored sofa and placed on the floor to sip tea in the Arabic way.

Then enrich your ethnic home with running carpets, wooden and iron sculptures, glazed ceramic vases and warmly grained inlaid furniture. As for lighting, opt for lamps with rice paper shades and lanterns with amber highlights.


It will not be simple at all to furnish your kitchen in ethnic style. This is mainly because of the significant culinary and habitual differences in our cultures. The best recipe for a recognizable decorating result will be a good dose of color fusion, so much so as to make everything seem almost chaotic even though in order.

For ethnic kitchen furniture, the inclusion of a wooden sideboard with ceramic decoration elements reminiscent of the Asian decorating style will be essential.

Instead, for an ethnic style bedroom you will have to play a lot with the fusion of cultures and the various shades of color and atmospheres that embrace evocations of different styles.

Finally, for the living area, we suggest you make room for sofas, armchairs and very low poufs in leather or fabric, embellished with many coloured cushions with tribal patterns or geometric shapes. Wherever possible, select dark teak flooring and furnishings to contrast with the strong colours of the walls or colourful but lightly woven curtains.

Finally, curtains reminiscent of ethnic houses or large carpets and wall decorations also make their worthy figure.


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