Here’s an evocative idea that can make me dream of being on a wonderful beach, with the sun beating down and the water crystal clear. In this article we are going to explore the potential of the color Caribbean green; a color that can make you dream like no other. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out right now how we can incorporate it into our decor!

Cast your gaze forward. Whether you have a shower or a bathtub, broadleaf evergreen plants are a real breath of fresh air. The Caribbean style , thanks to the Caribbean green, you graft it from here. The luxuriant nature of the tropical islands knows no boundaries and goes beyond the domestic spaces, conquering the most appropriate rooms of the house such as the bathroom. Humidity and warmth will only recreate that relaxed and exotic atmosphere.


Taking into consideration the guidelines related to brightness, color, matter, to give a Caribbean touch to your home you can focus on some ‘strong’ elements that alone will change the atmosphere of a room. The most important element of all are the plants: fill the room with plants – possibly of tropical origin – tall and low, palm-shaped, fern-shaped or with huge oval leaves, exotic and colorful flowers. The intention is to create a sort of greenhouse, an indoor garden.

This will allow the whole environment to take on Caribbean green hues and, in addition, the plants will give the feeling of naturalness worthy of a Caribbean beach!


In this regard, another important element of the tropical style with Caribbean green as the protagonist, is the use of garden furniture in the interior. For example, rattan armchairs, rope chairs, bamboo coffee tables.

If you have enough space, try adding a characterful element like a beautiful fabric hammock, perhaps in macramé. Other interesting furnishing accessories in this aesthetic vein are trunks, so reminiscent of pirate adventures.


wallpapers are capable of performing magic. All you need is a wall covered in leaves and exotic animals to turn on the tropical style at home.

Among the ones you have available, choose the one on which the most important piece of furniture rests, i.e. the bed. Themes to focus on? Extremely green leaves, pink-tinged flowers and exotic animals such as parrots and colourful birds. Caribbean green is the perfect color to not give too much importance to subjects too big and protagonists, leaving the environment balanced and very relaxing to the eye.


Finally, turn your home into a mini forest where exotic animals such as parrots, tame gorillas, curious monkeys and birds of paradise pop up curiously from bookshelves, walls and on coffee tables. Remember, your home doesn’t have to become a bio-park but add a fantastic touch where the outside, exotic world brings a new, fresh and intriguing atmosphere to the inside of your rooms. In addition, all these measures will give even more strength to the Caribbean green as a color that can transport you to a world of sun, tropical beaches and sea!


Brightness is essential to give strength and vividness to Caribbean green. Unfortunately, if your home or the room you want to renovate doesn’t get a lot of natural light perhaps it’s time to turn to another type of aesthetic (perhaps the aforementioned jungle effect).

Tropical style is quintessentially flooded with light and air, so opt for a room that gets plenty of it, with large windows whose curtains are light – white, if possible. Of course, highlights are also important, and will need to be strong but warm.


Among the materials that best suit the Caribbean green, we find: wood, rattan, raffia, linen. In fact, the accessories and furnishings in Caribbean style prefer natural materials. Glass is also great, due to its brightness and aesthetic ‘lightness’. And don’t underestimate the interesting combinations with metal, especially if used in thin, elegant, refined elements.


Caribbean green color, with hexadecimal color code #00cc99 / #0c9 is a medium-dark shade of turquoise-green. In the RGB color model #00cc99 is composed of 0% red, 80% green and 60% blue. In the HSL color system #00cc99 has a hue of 165° (degrees), 100% saturation and 40% clarity. The color has an approximate wavelength of 508.29 nm.

Pink blanket on blue settee next to a table with plant against leaves wallpaper in living room

Caribbean green is not an easy colour to match; sometimes it can be capricious and not very adaptable, but if combined with the right colours, it gives off an unparalleled strength and brightness.

The colors that go best with Caribbean green are, first and foremost, white, red, fuchsia, yellow and blue. In case of doubt, regarding the color to choose in combination with the Caribbean green, just bring to mind the image of a Caribbean beach and try to use in the best way the wonderful colors displayed.


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