Today we are going to explore a very little-known shade, but one that is increasingly in vogue in design circles: tawny. This color is a mix between yellow and red, very complex to recognize, but that is finding more and more interest and curiosity because of its potential in the decor (and not only!).


It’s not easy to recognize and, consequently, use this color, but thanks to this article you’ll be able to understand its particular shades at a glance. First of all it must be said that the fawn colour is recognizable especially when it comes to animals: in fact, you can often see fawn-coloured dogs in the street.

Tawny is a colour that can be used in a thousand areas as far as furnishing is concerned, both as a wall colour and as a colour for furnishing elements. However, you have to pay a lot of attention to the combination of these elements in order not to weigh down the environment too much and make it rather inhospitable.

Specifically, tawny is a color that evokes feelings of calm and tranquility, in fact very suitable for those environments where you need to relieve the tensions of the day, such as the living room.

Also, fawn is a color that is very reminiscent of autumn. In fact, it looks great in combination with other colors such as yellow and not too bright red. This combination allows you to fully relive the emotions and sensations conveyed by autumn and its colours. It might be interesting to add furnishings in line with this idea, such as carpets or drapes tending towards brownish.


As mentioned earlier, unless you have an experienced and trained eye it is not at all easy to recognize the tawny color. In fact it is easily mistaken, often, with beige and brown.

The strength of this color, in addition to its associations with autumn and the emotions it triggers, is its ability to give a sense of tranquility and calm to the environment. This is very important when creating rooms with this function as the main function, such as the sleeping area.

In this case, in addition to the color of the walls, it might be interesting to use tawny for fabrics and curtains, so as to convey a feeling of comfort and relaxation whenever you enter this environment.



In order not to make the room monotonous and like a too calm environment, it might be interesting to use fawn in combination with other colors. The only problem is that you have to be careful not to create situations in which the contrasts between colors could become even annoying to the eye.

In this regard, the advice is to use elements of decoration or furniture, such as sofas, armchairs in tawny color, to homogenize and make the environment balanced. Maintaining its main function, which is to make the environment feel relaxing, comfortable and very welcoming.


The RGB code of the tawny color is: 235, 181, 95. The colour combination needed to obtain it is red for 92.1%; green for 71% and, finally, blue for 37.2%.


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