In this article we will talk about the aesthetic beauty and functionality of an innovation system revolution: modular lighting.

This lighting system has very special features that create unique effects within the walls of your home. It is used in a variety of ways, from clubs, bars and restaurants that use it to give the lighting a specific weight and meaning within its context, to offices that use it to illuminate large spaces such as open spaces.

The benefits of installing a modular lighting system are varied. Although they are not yet widespread in homes, they are experiencing a trend that will surely lead to their widespread use.

If you haven’t heard of modular lighting yet, it’s time to learn more! Who knows, it could also be a chance to overhaul your home lighting system, giving it a different and decidedly more creative flavor.



When we talk about binary lighting we mean a type of lighting consisting of a series of lights that slide on a structure installed on the ceiling.

This lighting system consists of a binary mounted on the ceiling, in metal or plastic material on which various types of lighting fixtures are mounted. In addition, sometimes plexiglass is also used in some products.

The binaries can be more or less visible, depending on the style we want to give to the furniture, until it becomes an integral part of the latter.

The lighting fixtures to be combined with this binary system are various and can be removed very easily. In fact, they can be positioned in various points, so as to best adapt to every need of the domestic environment and beyond.

Finally, the binary lighting lends itself perfectly to illuminating large spaces with a modern and minimal design, even in a domestic environment.


The bodies that make up the essence of the binary lighting system can take various shapes and sizes, depending on the environment in which they will be positioned. The style of the environment, in fact, as can be understood, will also influence the choice of the lighting body.

Any ideas for design? Cylindrical, square, spherical. White, chromatic, colored.

The choice is truly vast, and ready to satisfy every need. In fact, the lighting fixtures used in combination with the binaries are extremely suitable for installation in modern interiors with a minimal design.


In the best binary lights, the type of lamp (technically called “lighting body“) that we can use in this system has an important weight. In fact, this element makes the difference.

Due to its characteristics of flexibility and adaptability, the binary system can be combined with a series of spotlights, as well as cylindrical lighting bodies that go downwards.

In addition, the choice will depend on the environment in which we will install our binary system, and on the style present within the environment itself.

However, the most versatile is the LED spotlight, which in the adjustable version makes it perfect for directing the light when required.

The type of light chosen for these lighting bodies is obviously LED, the undisputed protagonist of 21st century lighting. Thanks to its characteristics, the LED allows significant energy savings, as well as guaranteeing excellent light quality.


Especially when using LED lighting fixtures, this lighting system is an excellent choice also from the point of view of energy containment. Not only does the LED consume 80% less energy than halogen lamps, but the binary system avoids lighting in the areas not required.

Furthermore, a benefit that is certainly not secondary is the beauty and cleanliness of this lighting system.

Binary lighting is a minimally invasive system both visually and aesthetically, especially when the lighting elements and the track are in chromatic harmony with the environment in which they are installed.

The binaries, available in both metal and plastic, even become invisible. In this way they give greater emphasis to the lighting fixtures, which take on various shapes, sizes and materials as we see from the catalog.


This lighting system can be used in any area of the house, precisely because of its versatility and ability to best illuminate any environment.

In the kitchen, for example, binary lighting will give its best. In fact, it guarantees a more intense light beam where it is needed while at the same time maintaining constant and homogeneous lighting even in the rest of the room.

Finally, binary lighting can also be an excellent choice for living areas and the living area in general. Thanks to its characteristic of correctly illuminating large spaces, track lighting as well as being an aesthetic choice, is very functional in these environments.


Not only for the home, but also in the workplace, binary lighting is an excellent choice. In an office, for example, this system allows you to direct the light to the various workstations, without energy loss or over-lighting.

Binary lighting is also excellent for commercial establishments, where the linearity and cleanliness of the shapes leave open space to the objects on display.

modular lighting led suspension lamp

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