Among the most popular materials in terms of furniture in recent times, we find marble. The latter is a very elegant material , able to give that touch of refinement to your environments, if wisely combined with objects and furniture of the same material and not.

We find it as a top for dining and coffee tables, in ornaments but also in the kitchen and bathroom.

Let’s see together how to give a refined touch to the decor of your home with the inclusion of some marble elements.


Marble is such a precious and elegant material that it absolutely must be accompanied by a furnishing in line with its peculiarities. In fact, there are many finishes and colours and, although the material is always marble, the look of the house can change considerably and, consequently, so can the furnishings.

To understand how to best enhance a room that has a marble floor, you must first consider the color. As we have specified, there are light, dark and veined marbles, with particular inserts and nuances that will be decisive in the choice of furnishings.



Many 1960s and 1970s marble floors combined black and white marble, forming regular and irregular checkerboards. The contrast between light and dark takes less light out of the room, but it’s also harder to match.

If your home has a floor made ofthis checkerboard material, you have two choices:

  • It veers towards contemporary decor, with shiny surfaces and steel. Prefer light colors and simple lines;
  • Choose vintage, with marble tops in the kitchen and glossy black details. Arte povera furniture is another vintage solution suitable for these floors.


If, on the other hand, you have a marble floor in shades of brown, you can decide to furnish the rest of the room with wooden furniture, to create chromatic harmony and dare with some more vintage pieces.

Pink marble is delicate and refined, perfect for smaller rooms, especially the bathroom. It reflects the light, making the room brighter, so you can also opt for more classic furnishings, even in dark colours such as arte povera furniture, and combine leather or fabric sofas and armchairs.


The rooms in the house where it is most common to use marble to cover the floor are the kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Pure and compact volumes have definitely made their entry into the bathroom environment. And marble, too, proves capable of accompanying these new visions of design. Of course without losing its essence and innate charm.


In the living room it is necessary to find the right balance. It is the most important room in the house where you welcome guests and spend your free time, so you have to decide whether to create harmony between flooring and furniture or to make the protagonist one of the two elements. In fact, marble is unlikely to take a back seat, so it’s all about textures and colours of materials, as we specified earlier.

The kitchen has a great potential, especially if you want to use this material also to cover the worktop. In fact, you can decide to use the same colour shade and let the kitchen furniture be the disruptive element of the whole. Anyway, with a marble floor you can go for either a modern or a more classic style kitchen.

The charm of a top in this material, intended for the work area of the kitchen, or for a table remains unquestionable. Fresh to the touch, shiny to the eye, the horizontally arranged marble catches the eye and takes centre stage.



Before choosing flooring in this material for your home, it will be wise to evaluate the rooms in which it will be placed. It will be perfect in classic or antique style living areas, such as dining rooms or living rooms.

Even in the kitchen it will fit in easily: in classic wooden kitchens you prefer the warmer shades of pink and orange, in modern kitchens with glossy surfaces you prefer the very elegant white or grey. In the bathroom it will be perfect thanks to its particular resistance to water. Bathrooms with floors made of this material are usually completely covered with the same material.


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