Designing a personalized walk-in closet is one of the most intimate dreams of those who want to better organize their bedroom, but before raising a plasterboard wall, it is better to make the right considerations regarding:

  • first of all, the minimum dimensions necessary to create a walk-in closet and the distribution of the room;
  • land measurements of the walk-in closet to be built;
  • finally, the structure to be used.

Anyhow, the dimensions of a walk-in closet depend on the size of the room and the position of doors and windows; however, few know that it is enough to have an available space of 130cm x 200cm to begin to consider the idea of having a perfect versatile environment to combine order, design and functionality.

Furthermore, there are many architectural proposals and interesting materials that can be evaluated according to taste and sizes. In any case, what is sure is that the walk-in closetwill pleasantly surprise you.

For years now, companies, as well as TV programs, have been bombarding with built-in wardrobes, with sliding doors, full height, with TV incorporated to then propose secret rooms, very organized, with soft lights in which to store everything, from shoes to the collection of ties, from the beauty area to the suitcase department.

The modern bedroom has three qualities: aesthetically beautiful, functional and absolutely versatile and a walk-in closet is a space that meets these needs and it makes them tangible.

Typical questions about the realization of a walk-in closet may concern the possibility of insert it inside your bedroom, where to place it, how to organize it functionally and whether or not there is a need for lighting particular.

In fact, the answer to these questions is: it depends! It depends on how the room is structured, on its measures and on the arrangement of the furnishings and openings.



The walk-in closets can be of 4 different types:

  • an adjacent independent room;
  • a room created in the existing bedroom;
  • a less structural division, only visual;
  • a simple container furniture.

The most spacious solutions usually concern walk-in closets obtained in rooms adjacent to the bedroom, such as a closet, an unused bedroom or, finally, a blind bathroom.

In this case, apart from opening a communication door, setting up a walk-in closet is very simple and immediate.


First of all, the minimum dimensions for designing a walk-in closet can be different and depend exclusively on the size of your bedroom and the space we have available.

The dimensions of the contemporary walk-in closet must be at least 2 square meters, because the minimum size that you need to consider in depth is 120cm (60 for hanging and drawers + 60 for the passage in front) and, in width, 220-260 cm. In extreme conditions the depth of the compartments can be reduced up to 40 cm, just choose the right accessories to hang clothes.


If, on the other hand, you intend tocreate a customized walk-in closet divided by walls in your existing bedroom, you must first of all evaluate the dimensions and the distribution of the room.

Indeed an internal wardrobe area must be at least 120cm deep and, adding the plasterboard septum(or wood) of division,plus the bed and the passage you must have at least 390-400cm available on one side of the room, possibly on the one with no window, so as not to spoil the lighting natural.

In addition, you must still ensure the possibility of placing bedside tables and at least one TV cabinet (bed area measurements at least 330x270cm), otherwise the room will be unbalanced and less functional.

So let’s say that the minimum measurements of your double bedroom to design a custom walk-in closet in front of the bed, for the whole wall, must be at least 330x400cm.

If you want to make a corner walk-in closet, the room must be at least 420x420cm with door and window on opposite sides, near the corners. In a 400x400cm square room you can think of a wardrobe area behinds the headboard of the bed, also divided for her and for him, symmetrically.

Summarizing the minimum dimensions for design a walk-in closet:

  • first of all, the depth of the cabin must not be less than 120 cm;
  • the double bed generally cluttered 170/180 cm wide by 210/230 cm long with at least 60cm of free space on the 3 sides for the passage;
  • the structure of the partition wall can be made not only in masonry or plasterboard but also in sliding panels in wood, glass or other materials.


In addition, for more complicated situations, the walk-in closet can be a piece of furniture (bridge or under the bed) integrated into the furniture.

It is not a particularly bright design in aesthetic terms, but it can be an alternative and very functional solution in terms of space.


There are those who do of thecloset a piece of design, leaving it visible, transparent, in the center of the room: it is necessary to keep it constantly in order, otherwise every effort will be nullified by the chaos effect that is generated!

A solution in the center of the room can be used as a room divider, perhaps opting for a modular walk-in closet that can be customized in size and in the configuration of the shelves and other storage accessories.



The 5 mistakes you don’t have to make when you think of designing a personalized walk-in closet.

  • First of all, don’t be fooled by the photos on Social Networks!
    An online photo view does not guarantee the feasibility of a walk-in closet. You must always compare your measurements with the dimensions of the furnishings.
  • It is not always feasible.
    In fact, as bedrooms are designed today, very often there is little useful space.
  • There are different types of walk-in closets!
    Fortunately there are a million possible solutions, even unusual ones.
  • It is not the end of the world if it is not feasible.
    A well-designed wardrobe can be large and very functional. You can also take advantage of the spaces under the bed or comfortable niches.
  • If you don’t organize it well, it’s as if you haven’t.
    A custom walk-in closet is a room in all respects. It helps you because it facilitates season changes, but it can become a delusion if it is not organized to the millimeter. You may find yourself not knowing where to put your things.


If your room is rectangular (430x270cm) you can opt for a walk-in closet at the bottom of the room that takes advantage of the full width, provided that the window and the entrance door are located elsewhere.


A narrow and long walk-in closet perfectly organized for the customer: on the right the linen department with drawers, with a sliding mirror door which allows you to look at each other by moving away through the entrance door.

In the center there is an hanger for long dresses and shelves for shirts and various boxes; on the left drawers and hangers for men’s jackets and shirts.

In fact, bottom of the room an immense, illuminated and framed shoe rack with glass doors, to fully fulfill the desire of every woman.

In fact, organizing spaces is the easiest and most effective way to make them look bigger!

If you have a rectangular room with a length of at least 4 meters, the advice is to place the walk-in closet on one of the shorter sides, at the foot or behind the bed. To filter the light in the small space, it is desirable to use sliding or glass doorsand illuminate each shelf so as to have a diffuse and constant light in every corner.

An interesting project configuration is that which exploits the entire wall behind the bed. In this case sliding glass doors will confer a modern and design effect, but its interior must be furnished with care and always perfectly ordered, as this will remain visible for good part.

Unlike the previous cases a retractable door is not necessary, as there is perfectly space to open it and close it.

Equipping it with glass walls certainly makes it more airy and bright.


Also, if you didn’t know, there are specialized professionals to organize your wardrobe.

They scan every piece to wear, select it by season, color, fabric and put it in order within your available space.

Cabina armadio componibile

The indispensable modules for composing the walk-in closet are:

  • first of all, a compartment 150-160 cm high with hangers for coats and clothes;
  • one or two compartments 110 cm high for skirts, shirts, trousers and jackets;
  • from 4 to 6 shelves spaced 30 cm or 25-30 cm high drawers or grid baskets for golf and T-shirts;
  • at leasttwo 20 cm drawers for underwear;
  • two removable trays for accessories such as belts and scarves;
  • a shoe rack with inclined shelves;
  • finally, a shelf for seasonal bags and a chest of drawers for storing.


In general, spotlights and LEDs are preferred because they take up less space. The ideal would be that the shelves were also internally illuminated with LED strips, but if this were not possible, it would be preferable to have at least two ceiling lights.

There is no need to lower the ceiling: there are cube or cylinder spotlights, also adjustable, perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Here are some tips:

  • The lights must be neutral in color (bulbs between 4000K up to 5500K) in order not to change the color of the clothes or change the combinations when dressing.
  • If there is also a mirror in your walk-in closet, surround it with low-energy light bulbs. They will allow you to perfectly illuminate your outfits while you measure them to choose them, like a real atelier.


Costs depend on several variables. Dalla superficie, dai sistemi utilizzati, dai materials, from the internal compartments. An average price is around 1500-2000€ for complete structured closets. There are inexpensive solutions with sticks in aluminum and drawers at much less.

Since a walk-in closet is forever, when you have to invest in such furniture, think that the quality of materials and finishes is important. Therefore, I do not recommend you choose too low cost and low quality solutions.


Wish shared by women and men, the walk-in closet allows you to optimize the space available in the sleeping area. Be careful, however, not to be wrong!

To make a walk-in closet inside the bedroom, just cut out a portion big enough to hold it. The dimensions and above all the shape, depend on the size of the room and the position of doors and windows.

Being a significant investment, not only cheap but also and especially of space inside own home, our advice is, as usual, to contact an expert before attempting hazardous actions! There are specialized figures able to help you choose and design a a dream walk-in closet.

In conclusion, if you have doubts or want advice on how to make your walk-in closet, do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of the article or send an e-mail to valeriadesign@casaomnia.it, we will certainly help you design it according to your needs and requirements!

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