To redevelop old buildings or to build new ones, it is essential to pay particular attention to the choice of windows. In fact, with a careful and prudent choice, you are able to create multiple advantages for your home, as we will see with the installation of PVC window frames for your home.

In fact, the window frames are very important elements of our homes because, contributing to the maintenance of the internal temperature, they directly affect consumption for heating and cooling the house.

Old or malfunctioning window frames, causing heat loss, also require a greater amount of energy to regulate the temperature of a room, with negative consequences both on the environment and on the bills.

For this reason, the window replacement works are included in the energy requalification works for which 65% deductions are foreseen.


The Chloride polyvinyl, better known by the acronym PVC, it is a thermoplastic polymer which when heated to a temperature of about 200 ° becomes viscous and is extruded into different profiles which, once cooled, will be cut and welded together to produce elements (such as windows and doors) with very high insulating performance and great performance aesthetics.

Chloride polyvinyl is a polymer formed from 57% chlorine, coming from cooking salt, and for the remaining 43% from carbon and hydrogen added with other substances to give it specific physical-mechanical characteristics in order to give the appropriate performance characteristics needed to its multiple uses.

In addition, polyvinyl chloride is one of the most used plastics in the world for its versatility. In fact, although it is rigid in its pure state, it can be mixed with plasticizers that make it flexible and moldable.

PVC is used in thousands of applications, from construction to food packaging and pharmaceutical, from medical-surgical devices to materials for civil protection. Its frequent use is due to the fact that PVC guarantees the compliance with current energy saving standards and the environmental compatibility.

In addition, PVC has numerous advantages: it ensures high performance at affordable costs, it is an insulating material, stable, resistant and versatile, it is fire resistant, it is durable, it is hygienic and it is recyclable.

Among its many uses, in fact it is frequent for the realization of profiles for windows.


If you are looking for a functional and modern window frame model, PVC is therefore the best choice, both thanks to the excellent quality / price ratio and because it gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of different colors.

This type of PVC window, in fact, is able to satisfy multiple requests for surface coloring, from mass-colored to film to recreate an effect similar to the grain of the wood, up to RAL colors.



Among other things, the PVC window frames do not need any maintenance over time and cleaning can be carried out simply with neutral glass cleaner and a soft cloth. This means having no maintenance costs over the years. For this reason, in recent years, the typology of PVC winodw frames have gained more and more market percentages.

Alternatively, you can choose wooden frames or aluminum frames.


They can be distinguished numerous types of PVC window frames, also combinable with each other, including:

  • Window frames in pvc bicolored;
  • Window frames in pvc armored;
  • Window frames in pvc thermal break.

They are slightly more expensive than single-color ones (+ 10% difference) but they integrate perfectly with both the internal and external environment, thus allowing to respect any condominium or landscape constraints without affecting the aesthetics of the rooms that host them.

They are generally white on the inside and wood effect on the outside or vice versa.


With anti-burglary glasses and burglar-proof frame, are equipped with hinges that have a particular shape that does not allow to lift the window frame and a steel plate under the handle that does not allow trepanation.

In fact, they represent the right balance between the need to defend against any form of break-in and break-in attempts and the need to satisfy aesthetic needs.


The quality insulating materials present inside them and the latest generation thermal glass create a barrier to the exchange of heat between inside and outside and guarantee adequate thermal insulation.

In fact, the ultimate goal is to ensure energy savings.


As PVC has shown has good characteristics that make windows resistant to bad weather and salt attacks. Plus the PVC window frames are well isolated, both thermally and acoustically, thanks to the low thermic conductivity of the material.

The PVC window frames turn out to be among the cheapest on the market, ensuring excellent value quality-price.

Furthermore, one of the main characteristics that distinguishes PVC windows is waterproofness. In fact, PVC windows are the least sensitive to water infiltration and at the same time they resist well to wind stress. This characteristic has allowed it to spread especially in the sea areas.

The PVC windows do not need great maintenance and are not particularly difficult to clean; generally you have to clean them every six months to prevent them colors fade.

On the other hand, the PVC window frames are light and easy to handle, making them the best solution in cases where it is necessary to make large windows or French windows.

Furthermore, these windows are fireproof as PVC is a self-extinguishing material, which does not feed the flames in case of fire.


The excellent quality / price ratio and a reduced need for maintenance make PVC window frames one of the most used solutions today. In fact, thanks to its longevity, resistance, waterproofness and low cost, PVC has replaced traditional materials such as wood and aluminum over time, more expensive and above all more difficult to work with.

The great variety of shapes, types and finishes available on the market makes the price of a window in PVC very variable. It follows that its cost will depend, as well as on dimensions, the model, the type of glass used and any accessories required.

Depending on the different sizes or colors, the prices change: for example, if we choose a 120×100 white PVC window frame, the price would range between 110 and 150 €, while if the size chosen should be 100×200 then the price would rise around 300 – 330 €.

In the case, however, you choose a wood-effect PVC window, then, for the 100×120 dimensions the price would be between 140 and 180 € while for larger dimensions it would be in the range between 430 and 500 €.



Nonostante in passato il PVC was accused because it was believed that in the event of a fire develop hydrochloric acid, potential responsible for asphyxiation deaths, modern PVC window frames do not involve any risk to the health of people nor do they create any kind of environmental impact.

Furthermore, if in the past the PVC stabilization took place with lead and cadmium derivatives, deemed toxic, today these materials are no longer used.

Currently, modern PVC is used to produce multiple products for daily use.


Aluminum for a long time has been certainly one of the most used materials for making windows: it is a light metal, easy to work with and consequently can be used for all types of windows and frames.

Its versatility makes it adaptable to all design, aesthetics and practicality needs, with painting possible in any color.

In addition, its greatest advantage is that it does not require any maintenance, is very resistant and guarantees good durability over time. It could therefore be a simple and quick solution to make your windows without too many worries.

In contrast, however, aluminum is a metal, it is therefore an excellent conductor, has a high transmittance and for this it is not a good thermal insulator. The main risk therefore would be to significantly lower the energy efficiency of your home.

Allo stesso modo, in particular respect to PVC, aluminum does not guarantee excellent performance in terms of sound insulation.

The technology, however, also in this sector has evolved over the years and to improve the energy efficiency of aluminum frames, thermal break ones were born. In fact, with this technique the internal part of the window is isolated from the external one, with the insertion of a layer of plastic material with reduced thermal conductivity, called polyamide.

This intervention improves thermal insulation of aluminum windows, both for the cold season than for the hot one, but obviously it has repercussions on the price, that becomes higher: both compared to common aluminum frames and respect to the PVC window frames.

In this regard, it is worth noting that the traditional, cold-cut aluminum frames, having very high thermal transmittance values, do not allow access to tax incentives for energy savings.


In case you want to mount PVC frames for your property but you still have doubts about the advantages or installation, do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of the article or, alternatively, to send an email to valeriadesign@casaomnia.it. I will answer you as soon as possible! Go to our online portal CasaOmnia.it!

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