Want to give the effect of an old church to your home? Not everyone’s cup of tea, which needs a number of adjustments in order to make the most of it. Of all the styles,classic contemporaryfurniture is enjoying great success and wide acceptance in the most stately and timeless homes.

What is it and how to recreate it in an interior?


Contemporary classic style is a clever and curated mix of contemporary minimal chic decor and neoclassical look. In fact, it is a style that was born between France and Russia, where classical and neoclassical architecture is quite widespread. It may seem like a contradiction because they are two diametrically opposed styles, but in reality it is not, if done with wisdom and control of the result. A time when churches had an unparalleled charm. That’s why there is this trend today towards houses with an old church effect.

Architecture plays a huge role in this type of decor, because large windows, antique fireplaces, woodwork and moldings are the base from which to start.


It’s definitely not easy to give an old church effect to your contemporary classic style home, because it’s a non-obvious and super elegant type of style.

It’s not easy to create such a mood: it takes little, one wrong ingredient or too many ingredients to fail. Our tendency, in fact, is to accumulate furniture trying to fill all the empty spaces. Actually, it’s not always necessary. If the starting architecture is historical or large, the furnishings must be well proportioned. In addition, it is the only style that can give your home the charm of the effect of an old church, therefore able to make us relive emotions and historical situations out of the ordinary.

It should also be said that such a piece of furniture can be made even in modern apartments, not necessarily ancient and classic forms.


The key elements to create an old church effect are:

  • Marble or parquet floors (mostly on tap).
  • Predominance of warm colors, white 9010, beige, caramel and modern woods (no cherry…) with lively grains.
  • Coatings in glossy or semi-glossy materials, such as marble, lacquered wood, metal, mirrors and glass
  • Presence of mouldings or decorative work on the doors of the various pieces of furniture
  • Skilful use of boiseries and decorative frames
  • Soft and luxecurtains with important fabrics
  • Upholstered with capitonné work, velvet or fabrics
  • Chandeliers and candelabra with gold/pink gold/bronze decorations or sophisticated glass spheres, combined with hidden LED light cuts
  • Possible presence of chimneys, columns, arches or pre-existing architectural elements in marble or stone
  • There areno pickled, used raw woods, shabby, arte povera or Provençal elements that have nothing to do with a luxe attitude.
  • Being a style far removed from Scandinavian, it is not total white or all lacquered with optical white. Oak is rarely used.

The beauty of this style is that the final effect can be more or less classic depending on the amount of sculptural elements or neoclassical details that are inserted. Not everything has to be moulded or inlaid or capitonné. The choice can converge on smooth and simple doors or on more linear upholstered furniture, with a result much closer to the contemporary.

One of the biggest objections, in fact, is that this style can be “heavy“.

It’s certainly not a minimalist style, nor is it cheap, but compared to others, it manages to give a sense of sophistication and elegance that is unparalleled.

The fundamental aspect is that this style is able to give the house that magnificent old church effect, so trendy and much sought after lately because of its strong associations with historical periods artistically very fervid.


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