A new approach to furnishing is that relating to environmental sustainability and, in this regard, eco-sustainable bathroom furnishings become fundamental.

In fact, the bathroom is one of the household environments where most of the household waste occurs between water and various waste.

Environmental sustainability is a sensitive issue and, fortunately, felt by the world of design. Many companies have transformed their production processes with the aim of respecting the planet through a more rational use of existing resources, especially non-renewable ones. In this context, the first thought goes to fossil fuels.

Another alarm concerns the water, which must also be defended as it is not inexhaustible as shown by the alarms that invite everyone not to waste it in view of the future.

The design, ideally devoted to a more updated vision of contemporary reality, immediately took on the conceptual weight of this important change. In this way, he demonstrated a fast reactionary ability in his conversion, improving production standards in compliance with important globally shared environmental protocols.

The difference is made by those who have long made this green thought their own with the use of renewable energy, recyclable materials and the careful reduction of waste.

Under these conditions, it appears that ‘tomorrow’ seems to be heading in the right direction. Now it is up to us consumers to follow the thread of these concerns and make sure that we have behaviors, even in the renovation of the home, that are as environmentally sustainable as possible.


If you intend to renovate the bathroom in an environmentally sustainable way, you must take a series of measures to reduce the daily waste of drinking water. All this considering the fact that 50% go with the taps or through the toilet drain.

In addition, attention should also be paid to furniture, tiles and lighting. Here are some practical tips to renovate the bathroom in an ecological way, which will allow you not to waste but also to lower the costs of the bill.

First of all, to get a complete idea of the works you want to do, and the related costs, take a look on the net to check the costs of the bathroom renovation. Then follow these tips for the individual parts of the renovation.



Ceramic tiles are less prone to moisture damage and their impact on the environment during the production process is generally low.

Some tiles are even made with recycled products including glass. Alternatively you can refer to natural linoleum, which is equally environmentally friendly.


A shower head with adjustable flow or low flow is what is needed for an environmentally sustainable bathroom and allows significant water savings. The new models have drastically reduced the flow of water. In fact, they typically use about 2 liters of water per minute while old shower heads used up to 6 liters of water per minute.


To avoid that a lot of liters of water are always consumed at each drain, choose a drain with a double choice regarding the flow of water to flow. The two-button toilets are in fact equipped with two selection buttons that allow people to choose the suitable amount of water for the elimination of waste.

There are also latest generation toilets characterized by special inclinations that allow to increase the discharge speed.



To reduce consumption, you could install taps with electronic sensors capable of activating the flow of water only in the presence of your hands.

Thus, not only will you avoid unnecessary wastage of water but you will also obtain significant savings on your bill costs in your eco-sustainable bathroom.


Also for the bathroom always opt for led lights.


For the eco-sustainable bathroom, avoid those that contain formaldehyde and focus on recycled wood or controlled forest furniture.


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