What is the significance of the color ghost white? Choosing this “pure” colour for the walls of your home is certainly always a trendy choice because it can be extremely well matched to any type of furnishing. It is a candid and vital colour, at the same time elegant and refined, ideal in vintage but also minimal and industrial environments. Ghost white never goes out of fashion and is always a good choice, especially in the field of furniture and design.


The color ghost white as a meaning is at the antipodes of the color black. Always considered a symbol of purity, it is the colour of noble feelings and goodness of heart. White also symbolizes spirituality, eternity and virginity. It is no coincidence that it is the colour of the wedding dress of confirmands and communicants. This is a color that is loved in the summer season, but just as much in the winter season. Why? Because it evokes freshness, but also coldness, silence, inner peace and tranquility.

In fairy tales, white symbolizes goodness, while in mythology it is associated with benevolent figures such as unicorns. People who like this color are prone to fatalism, are inclined to change and are endowed with great creativity and imagination. They have great faith in the future, in the world, but also in people, so much so that they often risk deluding themselves and sin in naivety. Those who detest the colour white, on the other hand, are very rational and insensitive people, with little trust in others, who do not like new things, who believe only in their own strength and in the spirit of sacrifice.



The ghost white kitchen is a must-have for lovers of contemporary and minimal style, who aim for maximum elegance through simplicity.

Not everyone knows, however, that simplicity is something extremely complex when it comes to decorating your home!

A ghostly white kitchen that does not combine different shades of white in the right way transforms a room created to welcome into an aseptic and inhospitable environment.

What’s more, many believe that white makes furniture difficult to clean, but it’s not the colour that makes the difference, but the choice of material and finish.

The design of the ghost white kitchen must therefore take into account the lifestyle, habits, the way the family lives and how the kitchen is used.


The same goes for the living room: it’s easy to imagine a ghostly white living room, immaculate and bright, flooded with light, just like in the interior design magazines.

But achieving the same effect at home, is anything but child’s play!

One of the most common mistakes, for example, is not to consider the environment as a whole, but to choose the basic elements and then postpone to a later time the purchase of accessories and furnishings.

So you end up with a beautiful, large white sofa, the protagonist of your living room, which, however, clashes with the curtains, carpets, finishes of other furniture, the shade of white of the walls.

Or, dedicating the utmost attention to colour, you only realise once the furnishings are complete that the colour combinations are perfect, but…

The furniture chosen clashes with each other as a style and fails to create a welcoming environment.

It’s like listening to a symphony and suddenly feeling assaulted by a dissonant chord that has nothing to do with the melody being played.

That one sound is enough to break the enchantment, just as one mistake is enough to make an environment unpleasant without even being able to understand why.



Instead, if we move on to the bedroom, we realise how much ghostly white furniture is strongly conditioned by an element that we haven’t mentioned so far: lighting.

When you think of the bedroom and the moment that accompanies you towards sleep, you probably imagine a dimly lit environment.

You have to know that the lighting design has a great influence on the perception of the environment, so much so that it can nullify even the merits of a carefully designed furniture.

In a bedroom, the encounter between the warm, soft light and the delicate shades of white creates an extremely delicate combination, a balance that is very easy to break.


To decorate a house with the color ghost white there are no precise rules, just know how to align the same shade of color within the same room. Hard to keep immaculate and always clean, but the white ghost apartment has an endless series of advantages: first and foremost, the light. Ghost white in fact is a color that can increase the exposure of light reflecting inside the house, thus increasing natural light.


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