Moroccan style living room furniture opulence and colors


Furnishing your home in Moroccan style means taking inspiration from the perfumes and colors of Morocco. The choice is undoubtedly happy, the result is exotic but elegant, welcoming.

But how can you decorate a Moroccan-style home? What to choose? How to combine the various accessories? The feat is not impossible even for the less experienced. Obviously it is necessary to obtain information to obtain a taste effect.

The particularity of Moroccan furniture is the accuracy of the details. In fact, the wooden structures are rich in inlays and decorations, glazes and ceramic or marble dowels.

Furthermore, the refinement finds its completion in the richness of the fabrics that create an effect of refined and typically oriental opulence.

The global effect is highly scenic and fascinating. In fact, the house is dressed in a “thousand and one night” allure, which evokes the mythical oriental splendor of fairy tales, princesses and sheikhs.

In fact, it is a suitable furniture for those who love the strong colors and the warmth they give off. In addition, it is dedicated to those who are an admirer of the flavors, scents and colors of the Orient also expressed through a very particular decor.


Morocco is a great country with a great and pluri-millennial history and ancient traditions.

The Arab peoples have a great tradition of hospitality towards those who arrive in their country and respect their traditions.

The hospitality of the Moroccans is also seen in the furnishings, a mixture of ancient and modern, always with a taste for important aesthetics.

In fact, even the most functional and banal objects are characterized by a thousand details that could be considered exaggerated in a linear and purely functional perspective.

Carpets on the floor, tapestries on the walls, sacred paintings complete the Moroccan houses with the inevitable mint tea.

This, an unmissable tradition in Morocco that proudly comes with ancient rites to the Guest in their homes.




The colors of a Moroccan-style house are those of the land of sand which contrast with the typical Moroccan tiles.

The furniture must be strictly in dark wood while armchairs and ottomans, inevitable, are enriched with precious fabrics in shades of green.

Not only green in the fabrics, but also yellow, purple and red to create absolutely unique contrasts. The armchairs are in brown although with coloured fabrics while on the walls the wallpapers are in Papier peinte technique.

Alternatively, you could also choose a wallpaper with particularly intense tones with a print that shows the typical Moroccan tiles.

According to personal tastes, another alternative is represented by a wallpaper in shades of brown and brick color, the color of the Maghreb earth.

Part of the walls and on the floor, the cement tiles, moreover very trendy also in other styles.

On the market there are also cement tiles made with traditional methods in Marrakech. In this way you will savor seriously the tradition and originality of Morocco.


In addition, there is never a lack of handmade carpets in the Moroccan houses according to the ancient tradition.

You can emulate the same style with original rugs or even with industrial imitations, less valuable but with the same effect.

The rugs are joined by plaids used as tapestries on the walls and many cushions, also in Moroccan style with fine decorations and bright colors, in just contrast with the furniture or with the colors of the earth.

Soft lights, iron and fabric chandeliers, oddly suitable also those in Nordic style, statues, Moroccan style ornaments.


Moroccan homes are characterized by spacious and airy rooms. It is therefore important not to exceed with the number of furniture, while you can indulge yourself with accessories, supplements and objects.

Wood is the absolute protagonist as far as furniture is concerned. For sideboards, tables, wardrobes, bookcases and the like, it is ideal to choose a worked wood, with inlays, decorations or even glass or fabric inserts. The sofas are low and simple, in warm, vibrant tones and fabrics. Instead, wrought iron is the best solution for coffee tables, chairs and beds.


The central area of the Moroccan house is represented by the one dedicated to tea time. This can easily be recreated in a corner of the living area, in the living room or in the lounge.

A fundamental element are the low tables, supported by carpets, poufs and cushions on which to sit. The environments furnished in this style prefer soft and comforting lighting, in fact both floor and wall lamps are perfect. The chandeliers should be pendant and the preferred materials are stained glass or antique style metal.

Moroccan style living room furniture


Another key aspect of Moroccan style is the accessories. Large and colourful carpets, round and rectangular, should be placed throughout the apartment. Cushions in bright colors such as red, yellow, orange or blue, should be scattered on the floor, lying on chairs and sofas. Curtains can be simple, made of canvas and neutral colours such as white, light grey or ivory, or you can prefer more precious and heavy fabrics in gold or with damask-style embroidery.


The comfort aspect is very important. In fact, one of the main features of the Moroccan style is comfort, with soft and colourful cushions scattered around the room, large and comfortable sofas. In addition, it is very important to make the rooms colorful and lively, even with the use of pillows, fabrics and wall accessories.


A central feature in a house furnished in Moroccan style concerns lighting. In fact, as mentioned above, the atmosphere must be soft, warm, comfortable and devoted primarily to relaxation. In this regard it could be suggestive, as well as functional, to illuminate the environment with candles or antique lamps.

Moroccan style bathroom furniture

Other unmissable elements in Moroccan style furnishings concern carpets and sofas. As for the latter, they are a key element to this style. In fact, the sofas are used for the tea ceremony, one of the most important moments in an Arab’s life. The sofas must be low to the ground, covered with brightly coloured cushions and precious fabrics, satin and silk above all.

Another characteristic element of the Moroccan style are its flamboyant carpets. In fact, large, finely decorated carpets are a must, to be placed in front of the sofa, in the case of a living room or a living area, or in front of the bed if, instead, we are thinking of furnishing the bedroom.

Colours should always be vivid and very bright, in order to illuminate the room with warm and very comfortable shades. Finally, both the furniture and the various accessories must be characterized by soft and sinuous lines and, if possible, adorned with embroidery and precious fabrics.

In general, to recreate a Moroccan style furniture you have to use refined elements, opt for dark wood furniture with inlays and sophisticated decorations, choose tables, both for the living room and for the living room, low, pillows and curtains with colors reminiscent of the sunset, also decorated doors in warm colors.


All finished in the smallest details, which can be embellished with hand-wrought metals, for an extra touch of sophistication. As it happens here in our country, the living room is the centerpiece of Moroccan homes. In the West because you spend your relaxing moments with your family comfortably lying on the sofa, most often watching television, the Middle East, however, the ritual of tea takes place.


So what are you waiting for to furnish your home following the principles of the colorful and varied Moroccan style?

Let yourself be inspired by the scents, flavors and vivid colors of a culture, on the one hand, completely different from ours, on the other, at the same time very similar.

In fact, both of us, as peoples, are supportive and hospitable and our houses, an appendage of our culture, fully reflect these peculiarities!


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