The Scandinavian style kitchen is ideal for having a trendy kitchen , but without sacrificing the warmth and atmosphere of tradition. Northern environments are a great source of inspiration for those who want a comfortable, practical and modern space.


Although Scandinavian style is considered one of the biggest trends of the moment, it actually originated more than 50 years ago. More precisely after the war, in Sweden, with the advent of the so-called economic boom, thanks to the marked improvement in the living conditions of the population.

It was in that particular context that the country’s young architects felt the need to design furnishing solutions that could be purchased by everyone and not only by the upper classes. financially comfortable. Therefore, furniture of good aesthetic quality but also inexpensive and easily accessible, because produced on a large scale, was designed. The Scandinavian style of cooking was immediately successful, even abroad.



As many will remember, in Italy the Scandinavian style arrived only in the late ’80s, coinciding with the opening of the first Ikea stores. At first, however, the attitude was rather skeptical, because this kind of furniture was perceived as low-budget and low-quality.

Only in the last 10-15 years have Italians had the chance to discover and appreciate Scandinavian design. In particular for the Scandinavian style kitchen, it is possible to say that the Nordic inspiration is one of the most popular trends because it allows you to create a home full of charm.


There are no uncertainties, wood is the key element of the Scandinavian style kitchen: generally used in white or natural for the furniture, but also for the floors. And if you fear the negative effect of humidity, a valid alternative is wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles. In fact, these tiles are ideal for environments in contact with water, such as kitchens and bathrooms.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Scandinavian style kitchen is usually white or painted in neutral colors or pastel shades. In fact, for the walls, for example, you can choose delicate shades, to give a touch of freshness to the environment. If, on the other hand, you prefer more modern compositions, you can focus on the black/white contrast, to create an elegant and refined atmosphere.

Scandinavian style kitchen wood and white


For Scandinavian style kitchens, the advice is to focus on wood, painted white or natural: birch, fir and larch are widely used. For the wall and floor coverings, the advice is to go for white or two-coloured chequered tiles. Vintage-effect compositions are also very trendy, with modern reinterpretations of classic cement tiles.


Winter in the Nordic countries is cold and dark; that’s why light is very important when designing a Scandinavian style kitchen. Even in the kitchen, therefore, natural light is a key element, necessary to create a welcoming and functional environment .

But of course artificial light is also a valuable element in defining the space. In fact, the advice is to place lighting points at the main work areas to ensure illumination.

Here are some ideas that you can find on our online store Casaomnia.it, in line with your lighting needs:


It is not easy to define the exact cost of a Scandinavian style kitchen, because it would be necessary to take into consideration several factors. First of all, dthe size of the room, the type of wood chosen for the furniture and the brand of appliances used. Not to mention that often in the megastores of furniture you can find compositions at very affordable prices, perhaps taking advantage of some promotion.

In any case, it is useful to remember that Scandinavian style does not connote itself as an elitist style. In fact, on the contrary it continues to maintain its original goal of offering affordable solutions. This means that on the market we can easily buy complete Scandinavian style kitchens for less than 3,000 Euros.

And for those with creativity, the cost may even go down. A solution, for example, is to recover from the cellar or the attic an old sideboard or fixing to the wall some shelves. And as a final touch, some metal rods to hang pots and utensils from, to have everything at hand.


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