Lately, a trend has developed to buy old houses to restore them without losing the charm of the rustic style that is so fashionable. In connection with this trend we find that of stone houses.

The desire to go back to ancient times occurs both when you are buying a house and when you rent it, whether it is your home or holiday home.

There is certainly no construction material or type of structure that is the best for everything.

In fact, stone has always been the most used construction material due to its availability and resistance, as well as its insulating power (stone isolates more than wood).

In addition, the technical characteristics of natural stone make it highly performing both indoors and outdoors, in contact with water and bad weather.

Finally, stone is a material that is well suited to any type of style and furniture, from Nordic to rustic, from industrial style to modern minimal, giving the room a certain thickness.


Often when you want a touch of originality for the house and you want to give that warmth you need, you choose to cover one or more walls in stone or with exposed bricks, combining a modern, but also minimal and why not, chic furniture!

The most suitable choice would be to entrust this work to a designer or architect, in order to have a job as particular as possible.

As for the walls of stone houses, we can distinguish two types: natural stone walls and reconstructed stone walls, also known as recomposed stone. Among the recomposed stone coverings we also find bricks.


This type of wall does not have an excessive price, in fact we are talking about 25 € / m2 and is mainly based on the mixture of sand and cement with natural dyes, which reproduces the effect of natural stone.

Reconstructed stone is mainly used for interiors, when you want to embellish a wall in the living room, or a fireplace, the bathroom or a corner of the bedroom, but often this type of wall is also used for a column outside the house.

The advantages of cladding a wall with reconstituted stone? Simple:

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Excellent quality as acoustic insulation
  • Help against humidity


Covering a wall with bricks recomposed in stone, means to have a unique environment by design. A brick wall is around £25/sqm and there are different types of cladding ranging from cottage red brick to exposed brick painted in white, but also black or shaded in grey.

The brick walls form a timeless cladding, adapting to any style and making the atmosphere special. They are used both in the living room, choosing for modern decorative elements that do not deviate too much from tradition.



The stone gives us that freshness that we so much desire for summer interiors. Keeps warm in winter of the house because it resists cold temperatures, snow, rain and heat. This means, in a nutshell, that it produces a thermal inversion.

Here’s where in extreme cases of hot or cold weather, you will need to use other types of additional insulation. Even if a house built of a different material would need the same trick.


Another advantage point of stone houses is the soundproof character. This advantage is important for all home owners who want family intimacy.

This is especially appreciated if you live in a noisy transit place. For the more fearful, it is important to know that stone is a fireproof material, insects, pests and oxidation.


Another excellent aspect is that it is very cheap because of the low demand for this material for construction. This promotes great savings, in case you want to build a house.

Moreover, stone houses do not need any kind of maintenance, they last over time. You can completely forget about these additional costs. You will not have to paint or cover the walls continuously due to cracks or stains due to the passage of time or because of the climate. Your construction will look and color year after year.


Stone gives elegance to the house. Whether it’s a full or partial coating. It attributes to our home a personality that conveys firmness and nobility since the stone reflects these same values.

For the detail-oriented, there are also significant advantages. Although it is a classic style, this material can be found in various shapes and colors. This will allow for a personal touch to the home.

In this sense, it is ideal for rustic and rural houses as it matches any type of natural landscape.

The stone also plays a very important role in the decoration. Not only in the house indoors, in walls or fireplaces, but also in gardens, walls or exterior stone walls. With the suitable light points you can create a very harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.


We know that stone houses have many advantages. Despite this, there are certain details that can be crucial in choosing whether or not to use this material in a home.

One of the main problems with stone is moisture. If the right steps are not taken to prevent it, moisture can appear in this type of home. It is important to keep this in mind so that no stains are created in a wet environment.

Also, the construction process can be slow since it requires time and dedication . Apart from that, you will need to rely on professionals who are experienced in this type of construction.

Another downside is that it is a difficult material to repair and modify in case it gets damaged or you decide to replace it. For this, you will have to be sure of your decision as it will be difficult to retrace your steps.



As we can see, stone construction has more advantages than disadvantages. So the main factor to consider is whether you like the aesthetics of the stone.

The most important thing is that our home becomes a place where we can feel completely comfortable. Building a space that makes us feel good, without a doubt, is a difficult task.


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