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If our bathroom needs to get a new look, but we don’t want to make major transformations, we can improve the look of the surfaces. Let’s see how to embellish the bathroom tiles in an elegant way and giving new light to the environment.

The sensations we have when experiencing the bathroom environment are important in terms of perceived well-being and comfort. In fact, a significant aspect when we organize our bathroom is precisely the harmony with which colors, shapes, light and shadow, full and empty spaces are combined. An important role is undoubtedly played by the wall tiles, in particular the tiles. It will take very little to emphasize our bathroom simply by going to embellish the tiles present.


In every bathroom, wall coverings play an important role insofar as they geometrically delineate our bathroom and, above all, give the chromatic imprint to the entire environment. In fact, when we want to transform our bathroom, the first questions to ask ourselves are precisely related to the coatings:

  • Can I change the color of the walls?
  • Should the tiles be replaced?
  • What technique is convenient for repainting them?

Legitimate questions to which there are many possible solutions to be implemented. It all depends on the style and level of finish we want to achieve by recreating a do-it-yourself job or turning to experienced personnel. In any case, embellishing bathroom tiles turns out to be a quick, inexpensive, solution.

floor tiles


We may have many reasons why we want to improve the appearance of our bathroom tiles, but there are certainly a few common ones that we can identify with. Firstly, it is likely that the colour and finish of the current tiles do not match the style we have and nolonger reflect us.

Or there may be simple technical reasons: if we have a small bathroom and the colours used are dark and gloomy, the perception of space is greatly reduced and the bathroom will seem even smaller than it is! Pay attention, therefore, to the colour palette to include in our bathroom.


The transformation of tiled surfaces in the bathroom can have several solutions. Firstly, we need to assess its state of preservation and see if it is possible to carry out:

  • painting cover
  • total or partial removal and replacement
  • simple additional decoration to the existing tiles.

All the possible solutions hide many more practical ideas to be implemented: the limit is our imagination!


If the condition of the bathroom wall tiles is good and does not show any scratches, breaks or cracks, we can assumethat the tiles are simplycovered. Covering can be done in 2 ways:

  • paint the tiles with another color
  • cover the tiles with new tile.

The first solution implies a lower expense and an original effect. To paint them we can refer to two types of paints, suitable for the bathroom environment: epoxy paint and acrylic paint. Theideal thing is to paint the tiles when they have a light background, possibly white, so that the design and the final effect is as faithful as possible to the project we have in mind.

The second solution, on the other hand, provides a reduction, albeit minimal, of the internal volume due to the overlapping of the two coverings, but a totally new effect to the room. In this case, the advice is to opt for a group of tiles with a larger size, if we are in a bathroom with larger dimensions; on the contrary, if we have a small bathroom, better to choose tiles with a smaller size.


When the bathroom tiles are in an irretrievable condition, we have no choice but to opt for a removal and replacement of the tile, whether it is total or partial. In fact, it may be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to remove the siding in a spot where we want to accomplish more in our bathroom.

In this case, the advice is to pay attention to the final appearance of the removed tiled surface: it is advisable that the work is carried out by experienced personnel.

floor tiles


Paint and stencils aren’t the only way to transform the look of our bathroom, especially when the current tiles are kept in a good state of repair. The advice is, therefore, to use a decoration that is in addition to the current tile, which will not change color or material, but will have an interesting look thanks to the new elements added.

Let’s talk about stickers: a modern and innovative solution that allows you to transform the aesthetics of your bathroom, simply by gluing design stickers to the existing tiles. We can find them in different colors and shapes in the market. The advice is to buy good quality tiles of the exact size in proportion to the single tile or group of tiles, so as not to ruin the overall design that is created.


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