It is never easy to choose the colors of the bathroom, there are many factors to consider and errors are always around the corner!

The bathroom is that room in the house subject to major changes and is the place where style inclinations or fashions trends are most influential.

A nice bathroom always makes us proud! Indeed, we know that once redone it will remain so for a long time and the desire that it is perfect is always lurking.

But how do you get a perfect bathroom? Simple, just follow the rules to choose the right colors for a perfect result.

Living in a home with attention to every detail allows us to experiment a feeling of completeness and well-being that we can enjoy every time we decide to take a break.

This is why it is important for the furnishing of our home select the right colors.

The right color combination, in addition to conveying a sense of harmony, allows us to change the perception of spaces and make every corner of our home more welcoming.

The bathroom is one of the rooms where we dedicate ourselves to taking care of ourselves.

In order to create a place that perfectly meets our needs of relax we must think not only of the geometries of the furnishings but also to the colors to be used.

Let’s see, first in general, later in detail, what are the precautions to be taken when choosing the color for your bathroom.


The first important rule is related to size, generally bathrooms are not large environments, therefore, this means that exceeding with the mixing of colors is not ideal.

Instead, it is preferable to identify a reference color working on variations in tone, combining it with neutral tones, in this way the result will be harmonious and our eye will slide on the details fluidly.


The second rule concerns the functionality of the bathroom. Shower or tub?

The choice of colors implies different times of use: the shower takes us back to something fast, to use in the morning as soon as you get up. Instead, the tub makes us think of the relaxing bath, candles, perfumes.

So the best choice would be to associate these two different functions, two different color environments.


The third rule concerns natural brightness.

Take into account the exposure of the windows. In fact, those facing west will capture the afternoon brightness of the sunset enhancing the cold colors (purple, blue, green).

Instead, those facing east will let the morning rays pass, that is the warm shades of dawn, accentuating them in your environment.

Having defined these three important starting points, we can arm ourselves with color swatches and samples of tiles and start by identifying our basic color, taking into account some information that comes to us from chromotherapy.

If by chance we find it difficult to choose, we can very well turn to an interior designer for some advice.



Let’s see, now, specifically, how to choose, for your bathroom, the colors that best suit your taste needs.

First of all, choosing the color of the walls in the bathroom today means defining the color palette of the entire furnishing project, and coherently coordinating all the elements that make up the environment.

Indeed, one cannot ignore chosen finishes and materials.

In fact, wood, marble, stone, metal or glass radically change the appearance of the room, therefore the color must also be defined on the basis of these parameters, also evaluating the different reflection of light on each of them.

There are no right colors for the bathroom. Indeed, it is not It is possible to establish first which are the best chromatic shades for this room, because personal taste decisively influences the choice.

However, there are guidelines to follow in order not to overdo it, in order not to create risky combinations and to better dose the palettes so that the result is aesthetically harmonious.


The proposals of contemporary bathroom furniture allow a wide possibility of customization: fronts and doors of bathroom furniture, frame of shower enclosures, bathroom accessories, shelves and furnishing accessories.

There is in fact no limit to the design interpretations and the choice of colors of the bathroom walls necessarily depends on the definition of all the other elements.

If the bathroom furniture is in neutral colors, for example, you can focus on the color of the walls to characterize the environment.

In this way it will be enough to repaint the walls to totally renovate the bathroom. On the contrary, a composition with a strong tint can be the protagonist element in an environment with neutral walls.

Instead, if neutral cladding and walls are preferred, therefore, you can only focus on bathroom furnishings.

In fact, modern and colorful bathroom furniture can characterize the interior not only thanks to the lacquers (opaque, glossy, metallic) but also through marble patterns and veins, soft touch surfaces such as the Fenix Ntm or the decorated Corian.

Color does not mean only large surfaces, in short, but also details, accents, nuances hinted.


Even these furnishing elements affect the color choice of the bathroom, especially today that are offered in dozens of different colors.

In recent years they have multiplied, for example, the finishes of shower enclosure frames, which can be coordinated with taps and accessories (or even with the metallic lacquering of the furniture and washbasins).

In this case, it is preferable to give priority to metallic accents and to the detail rather than a too striking color in the bathroom.


Infinite, even the style of the bathroom influences the color choice of the various furnishing elements.

Nordic style lovers do not like bright colors, preferring cold colors and light and bright hues (ice gray or light blue for example) combined with light wood.

Instead, those who prefer the vintage style can appreciate the bright metallic finishes and shades of beige, just as fans of the industrial style could opt for rigorous choices and contrasting metallic elements.

On the contrary, a young and easy bathroom could instead aim on the color element as the main feature of the environment, taking advantage of the varied color palette available today.

For the modern bathroom, the options are many and very trendy. In fact, you can choose shades of green or turquoise, or more neutral shades such as turtledove or sugar paper color.

You can also choose black, or another very dark color, for a contrasting wall on a light piece of furniture. In fact, this expedient will allow to highlight it even more, without being heavy, typical of the minimal style.

For a classic bathroom the choice is usually traditional and falls on neutral shades like beige and gray. For a more personal touch in this case also choose a contrasting wall, in a color like the bordeaux.

Finally, the shabby chic style instead points to less classic but sober colors: lavender, sage green and blue, usually combined with a bathroom furniture in natural materials such as wood.

For the home with ethnic furnishings, the colors are very similar: lilac and moss green.


The choice of colors and shades from which to take inspiration to paint your bathroom is not always easy. In fact, the choice at random and improvised can make the most intimate environment of our home a source of unease or oppression.

Color is certainly one of the main elements within the various environments of our home, bathroom included. So here it is important understand how to choose and match the tones for bathroom furnishings.

In fact, in this regard, another advice that we give you is to pay attention to the size of the bathroom.

In fact, many think that this is a negligible factor and therefore leave out what instead are some rules that it would be better not to underestimate, especially if the environment we want to furnish is small in size. I.e.:

  • Prefer light tones to dark ones, in order not to incur the risk of making the environment smaller. In fact, light colors help to make the wider space perceive. In this case, opt for the use of white, beige or yellow;
  • Finally, the shiny surfaces help to give even more depth to the space.

Finally, the universal advice is to not stubbornly follow passing fashions or temporary trends, reflecting well on one’s tastes and on the possibility that too particular a color can tire.


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We will not hesitate to answer you, guiding you in the choice that best suits your furnishing needs.

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