Have you ever thought about installing a ceiling fan with light to replace the chandeliers? In this article we will talk about the advantages that can be obtained, in summer but also in winter, by installing a ceiling fan equipped with light.

In summer you know, the number one enemy is undoubtedly the summer heat, the unbearable heat that surrounds you makes the summer days unbearable.

For all those who don’t like air conditioning, a ceiling fan can be a great ally and a valid alternative to the classic chandelier.

In fact, these particular luminaires simultaneously perform two specific tasks: ventilate and illuminate. Unlike chandeliers that perform a mere function of lighting, the fans manage with ease both to give light to an environment and to refresh it.

But not only that, the inversion of their rotation motion also allows an optimization of energy consumption in winter.

This happens because the basic rules of thermodynamics are exploited. In fact, the hot air tends to always move upwards, reversing the rotation of the blades, making it possible to reverse the heated air by returning it to the floor.

With this method there is a new redistribution of heat in the lower parts of the room, making the radiators engaged in heating more efficient. Here is the diagram that summarizes its operation:



The three environments in which we find the greatest benefits and therefore advantages are:

  • Bedroom;
  • Living room;
  • Kitchen.


A ceiling fan placed in the bedroom is undoubtedly the best ally we can have during the summer. The pleasant movement of air that it offers during the night will help us to fight the summer heat without particular physical repercussions.

Furthermore, most of the models, equipped with a radio wave remote control, allow to switch off the timer in order to switch off the appliance when it is no longer needed.

If installed in the room it is essential to investigate also the “noise” aspect. In fact, a fan with a noisy motor fits in a context where it is imperative to have peace and silence.

Fortunately, this was also expected. In fact, in general, every well-designed fan has the peculiarity of the absence of noise during operation.

But that’s not all, some models also have a special “sleep” function that guarantees maximum comfort during the sleep phase. In fact, a ceiling fan with light optimized in terms of noise must not emit any background noise.



In the living room and kitchen, however, it is important to also consider the lighting aspect. In these two environments it is necessary to evaluate the power of light in relation to the size of the room in order to obtain the right amount of light.

The presence of barriers are also elements to be taken into consideration during the evaluation.

It seems obvious but often we tend to underestimate the size of the object in connection with the size of the environment where it will be placed. In a 25 sqm room, a 50cm diameter ceiling fan will be lost in the room, making the furnishing component fade completely.

It is essential, in fact, that the fan has measures proportionate to the area, only in this way will it be possible to exploit it completely both at a functional and aesthetic level.

Finally, in the presence of a very spacious room it is a good rule to provide a double installation, with two fans, perhaps synchronized with the same remote control.



The human body reacts to normal daily climate changes by keeping the skin temperature in balance through the contraction or dilation of blood vessels.

When, on the other hand, the heat increases beyond normal standards, other mechanisms are activated which accelerate the exchange of heat between the individual and the environment.

The best solution to encourage these mechanisms is to create an air movement around the body.

If subjected to ventilation, our epidermis allows us to naturally dissipate excess heat.

In fact, who has never tried to turn over in bed on summer nights without being able to sleep because of the heat and the high temperature? Nights after which we slowed down, irritable and tired throughout the following day?

The remedy is simple: a ceiling fan is able to produce a pleasant refreshing breeze that facilitates a restful sleep.

In addition, a ceiling fan is also able to improve the effectiveness of air conditioners!

Combined with a ceiling fan, air conditioning systems can operate at lower engine speeds, reducing energy consumption.

In fact, in the absence of good circulation, air conditioning can turn into a real double-edged sword causing a series of disturbances.


Finally, let’s see how a ceiling fan improves efficiency and reduces heating costs.

The types of rooms with high ceilings are very numerous, period lofts and apartments, industrial warehouses, gyms, churches, theaters, hangars, warehouses, libraries, etc.

When these rooms are heated, the hot air rises rapidly upwards, stratifying and creating a significant temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling.

The heat also tends to disperse outwards through the windows, from the insulation holes and from the window frames.

The heating thermostat, detecting a constant deficiency in the necessary temperature at human height, subjects the system to overwork with consequent waste of energy and money.

Wherever there is a thermal difference between the floor and the ceiling exceeding 3 ° C, the only solution is to install a ceiling fan that allows you to keep the temperature uniform even at human height.

The economic savings in terms of consumption is so evident that the cost of a ceiling fan system is amortized during the first years of operation.


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