The bedroom is the place of relaxation par excellence. The choice of colors is essential to give comfort to the sleeping area. Colors and light influence our mood and have a decisive impact on our rest. Below you will find the best proposals of colors and shades for a unique and original modern bedroom.

Tired eyes, after a long and stressful day, can find peace and serenity in a welcoming environment. For a modern bedroom, choose bold colors that, combined with furniture with square lines, can give harmony to your room.


To create a clean and trendy look, opt for the total white. White is a must that never goes out of style. Combined with a light wood parquet or a ceiling with exposed beams, it gives a feeling of purity to your sleeping area.

Wardrobe, bedside tables and mirror will be rigorously shiny, while to create contrasts you can play with the linen or the carpet.

Neutral colors create airy and bright spaces.



Lavender is the perfect color to choose for painting bedroom walls. Very soft, relaxing, it highlights furniture and accessories.

It is normal that not everyone likes the total white style characterized by white parts against white furniture. The choice of lavender color in this case, could be the best solution to not totally upset your taste.

Lavender is part of the soft colors as it is a lighter declination of purple. It is a color that instills calm and character to your room. Every night you will go to bed relaxed and wake up refreshed.


If you are looking for a relaxing color, which has the calls of the night, but does not plunge your room into pitch darkness, you could opt for the ice blue color. It is a much lighter shade of classic blue, bold, modern and recommended by interiors, as it is not tired, it adapts perfectly to all styles and evokes sky and sea.

If the walls of the room are white, you can choose the headboard of this color combined with curtains and carpets of different shades. If linen and blue elements aren’t enough, add a touch of yellow. It will give a feeling of warmth to a seemingly aseptic environment, adding contemporary vibes to your style.


Who says beige is boring? Versatile, warm and at the same time decisive, it is certainly one of the best colors for the modern bedroom. A super light shade, which will give style and warmth to your environment.

Beige is often associated with long sandy stretches so it is another color that instills calm and induces sleep. So not only gray brings modernity to the bedroom: beige can create very particular plays of light if combined with a white floor or wood-colored furniture.

The choice of this type of color for the walls or for the curtains, for example, requires that there are prominent elements in the room such as chandeliers. The recessed lighting combined with suspended lamps on the bedside tables will be the key point of your decor.


In this tour of colors for the bedroom, gray could certainly not be missing, which compared to all those previously mentioned, is synonymous with elegance and modernity.

The main thing is to create contrast. To mark the modern style of your bedroom, you can opt for dark shades, such as anthracite gray, which creates plays of light and shadows with light furniture. If, on the other hand, the headboard of the bed is charcoal, embellish it with light-colored sheets and pillows and lamps in brass or silver, to give your room a decidedly luxurious, five-star hotel look.

The combination with powder pink, on the other hand, is suitable for all types of styles, from shabby to Scandinavian. To prevent the environment from appearing flat and devoid of original accents, play with metal references such as gold and brass.

In small rooms, the choice of dark gray can be frightening. Be smart! If you do not have large sizes, you could always opt for ultra modern white furnishings, combining satin blankets, Roman curtains and elegant pearl gray pillows to give a touch of glamor even to rooms with small sizes. The addition of mirror elements will add further charm and personality to the environment.

Finally, gray can be perfectly combined with light wood finishes. In this case, you don’t have to play with shades to add details or to enrich the room. The wood is already complete, furnishes and gives warmth to your room, making it captivating and with a welcoming design.


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