Magnificent modern kitchens with long tables for dinners with family and friends, with island or peninsula, worktops on which you could prepare meals for an army … but your kitchen has a peculiarity: it is a small kitchen. Or even tiny. In spite of the showrooms where furniture and appliances for pharaonic rooms are usually thrown around, don’t despair: as with other spaces in the home, small size is not a problem. You just have to know how to make a virtue out of necessity. Choose suitable furniture and accessories, know how to arrange them, play with lights, orient on the style and the right details. A task in which an interior designer would definitely help you, even granting you the privilege of a more intimate and cozy space. Let’s find out together how to furnish in the right way a kitchen of a few square meters.


As with any small space, light plays a key role. Reflected on surfaces, it can nicely expand the space. If you want this effect, work on the volumes as well. Clean lines, without jumps in elevation, let the light flow making the space unmeasurable. It might therefore seem logical to favor cold colors, capable of lightening the space, virtually clearing it. A good compromise are the pastel shades, discreet and elegant, to be associated in sweet shades tone on tone. Another great classic is total white, for minimal solutions. Which could be declined in black and white, perhaps using a geometric patterned floor. However, remember not to abuse black, which would weigh down the environment. Don’t forget that everything needs to be consistent, starting with the walls, floors, furniture, doors and windows, in your environment if you want to make it a light and welcoming environment.


Order is key, to avoid the sense of claustrophobia that a confined space might return. Cabinets should hold only what is necessary, open easily, and not get in the way of kitchen workers’ movements.

Before decorating your small kitchen, get rid of everything superfluous. Get rid of everything you no longer use. You’ll find so many things that you don’t even remember having and are just taking up space.

Even when faced with small spaces, style should not be lacking, good taste never fails!

While it is true that the minimalist style, due to its essential lines marked by functionality, is particularly suitable for furnishing a small kitchen, it is certainly not the only possible stylistic solution. The style of the kitchen should be in line with that chosen to furnish the whole house. This concept applies to a small kitchen as well!



To make the most of the space, choose functional furniture that is not too bulky and opens easily. If you are not too messy, you can also opt for open wall units, this way the final effect will be lighter.

Make maximum use of the heights by placing shelves in free spots on the wall. Also great are the tool ra cks where you can hang your kitchen tools on display.

When the kitchen is very small, the best choice is a retractable table that can be opened as needed and kept closed when not in use. Another space-saving solution is to replace the table with a snack top: it performs the same function and can also be used as a work surface.

There are also extensible solutions on the market that combine design with practicality, such as console tables that take up very little space but can be transformed into a comfortable table when needed.



Inside a kitchen, no matter how small it is, there must be room for at least a refrigerator, a stovetop and a sink. These are the essential appliances that we can not give up, but our advice is to buy them in small size, today there are many “mini models” on the market that can offer excellent performance.

With the help of accessories, we can optimize the space our sink occupies, making it multifunctional. Built-in cutting boards, for example, can transform the sink into a practical worktop if needed. Also very useful are baskets to place on the sink, to drip vegetables or dishes.

As for the stove, 2 burners can be more than enough even if you are an avid cook. An induction or electric griddle is also good. The traditional oven, on the other hand, is more cumbersome, for this reason you can opt for a small electric or microwave oven, it consumes less and allows you to make any dish.


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